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Winning design #143 by hanief23, Logo Design for Ajar School Contest
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designed by hanief23

Project description

Ajar.school (peace.town) is a new social platform where people teach each other new skills. The word ajar is to mean open to all. These are the main things that need to be considered when designing the logo.

  • Needs to have a unique icon. This will be used on the mobile applications. 
  • You can play with any kind of color. Light blue, something like the "live chat" icon of this site, would probably be the brand color. 
  • Needs to be a horizontal logo

More Explanation:
Ok may be the .school domain is creating some kind of confusion. I see a couple of pencil related entries. The site is not related with school teaching. It is more of a community building platform. The community members teach themselves. Could be any skill. Dancing, coding, designing, etc ... The logo will end up going on the "peace.town" domain. So, please make it so the logo reflects community, peace, open heartedness and the like. Not just teaching. If I have to pick one word, it will be help not teach. I didn't want to include all this description and restrict the creativity of the designers. But I guess this is necessary. 

Please do not focus on teaching. No pencil, no graduation hats, etc... Here is a good point of view, think of the domain as if it is "peace.town". I would even accept if the logo says peace.town. 

Please let me know if you need more info. 

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