Akilles Fot- & Ankelkirurgi Klinikk

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Winning design #50 by Kurniawanariif, Logo Design for Akilles Fot- & Ankelkirurgi Klinikk Contest
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designed by Kurniawanariif

Project description

The logo will describe a clinic/center for foot & ankle surgery in Norway. it will be used to represent the clinic in banners, papers, commercials, website etc. It will include an illustration of a foot and/or ankle in an attractive and artistic way in addition to the actual name "Akilles" the description(Fot- & Ankelkirurgi Klinikk) will be a little bit smaller than the logo and "Akilles" Meaning in english: (Foot & Ankle Surgery Clinic). I´m open for any idea, but searching for something elegant, powerful, and showing proficiency. Regarding preffered colors: dark violet, dark orange, blue, og other compatible colors. The logo wil represent activity, movement, power, elegance, attraction, health. The clinic is will offer evaluation, and treatment of patients with problems in the leg, foot, and ankle in Norway. I want the same design but with english words also for international communications(Could be spared til we agree on the primary design. Name in English: "Achilles Foot & Ankle Surgery Clinic" I like 3D designs with color gradient, but also possible to see og recognaize in black & White printing. I have already a clinic (OrotKlinikken), see the attached photos of the clinic, and the new clinic will be in the same locals.

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  • Thanks a lot for your participation. I liked the idea, but I would prefer the following The preferred colour is the first one from left(Violet) "Akilles" font is not what I´m thinking of, I´m thinking of a mors powerfull design/font, evt Logo + name"Akilles" The rest of the text will be "Fot- & Ankelkirurfi Klinikk"
    • I'm still thinking of something like that http://bigbackground.com/logos/logo-design-software.html A little bit og complexity, variation in colour, and gradient of the same colour

  • Entry #5 is my favourite now, I like the gradient colour, the font of Akilles, I would still see som variations of the Logo of the "A", or may be a separate logo to the left of "Akilles". I would remind all the participants the there is a "-" after "Fot", and it will be "Fot- & Ankelkirurgi Klinikk"
    • GJR

      Hello - thank you for your feedback. I have submitted #7 with the text correction. I will work on further variations for you. Many Thanks.

    • Thanks for the variations #9 logo is much more as an innsole not a fot centered #8 is a good idea to have a separate logo but the foot is too simple and has been used in many foot & ankle clinics. Regarding #5/7 is there a possibility to have a bigger "A" in Akilles and the foot in the A is more defined.

    • Thanks, you design is still the best for me, but I wish to have the logo to the left of "Akilles" and defines a foot & ankle "easy to like, identify & looks like (if possible) this picture: http://www.giustgallery.com/sculpture-reproductions/detail/gladiator-foot/item-403/ old foot sculptures

  • Entry #6 Sorry but it is a not what I'm thinking of, need som comlpexity, different colour, and more fancy logo.
  • #10 thanks for the idea, the foot logo is more defined than the others, but not to much difference from #7 regarding the whole design
    • SCH

      Thank you so much for your feedback. please find my new entry #12, I’ve made it “a pair ” this time to replace double “L”. :)

    • Thanks, to be honest, my wife didn't like it :) I beginning to like "Akilles" without modifications, easy to read, and easy to identify to the eye, without extra thinking. I would prefer the logo to the left or the right of "Akilles"

  • I avoided the fifth as a symbol, so I put the idea to a word as if it were on foot, a cross-section as a way to treat ujednoaspekt-like Achilles, but in another sense. It may seem ridiculous idea, this is the first thing that came to mind. Secondly, I think of bright colors, so it is inserted as a neutral white color, which makes the cross-section of the visible-all other other colors are strong tone, maybe? I hope you will like the idea. #13 Nice day, krisdesign
    • Thanks, it is a new idea, but as I'm concerned to the local area I'm living in, it will be very expansic\ve and not reflecting a medical professjion. I like the big "A", the colours are a little bit "shouting", and I need them to relax :) The "fot- & ankelkirurgi klinikk" is too small, and may be difficult to identify from a distance.

  • #10: you have the best logo till now, but I don´t like the font of Akilles
    • SCH

      Thank you for your comments, please find my revision #24

  • #8 : you were my favourite and I hope you can change the logo to more defined one like #21 & #10
    • GJR

      Thank you for your feedback and sorry for the delayed response. I have added #29 & #30 for your consideration. Many thanks!

  • #21 YOU ARE MY FAVOURITE NOW, I like the Logo, but I hope it will be the same size as the "A" in Akilles which I hope to be bigger than the other letters in "Akilles" I hope that you can change the text also to the new one that I mentioned in another message. It is important that the text under Akilles is clear and large enough to be seen and read, may be Bold? I still like to have a gradient in Akilles and the logo as entry #8
  • To all participants, Please note the following, we have only one day I need the following 3D logo (til now it is only #36) Akkiles with gradient(to colours with a clear font like #36 & #29) Note the change in the text under the Akilles and it will be "Klinikk for Fot & Ankel Kirurgi" and I need two variations the first with a bigger "klinikk" under the Akilles but a smaller font, and the rest is ender, and the other variation is the whole text under Akilles, with no colour fill around the text. We have only one day and I already have in mind the winner if he/she can do the changes Good luck to all and thanks alot for your ideas, you are creators, and it is nice to have your work standing in newspapers, magazines and streets of Norway.
    • Dear CH,,, Thanks you for your fadeback. Please ceck my revision and modification concept #39 and #40. I hope you like,,, :) Thanks Regard Kurniawanarif

    • Dear CH, if you have already pick a winner JUST CLOSE THE CONTEST, so we no longer invest our time designing entries for you. You will have 7 days more to work with the winning designer. Thanks.

    • I didnt decide yet, and you still have the chance, as you see there is a new entry which became the best within the last two hours

  • can you try to change the font please, youy have a good logo, and please notice the change in the text under Akilles "Klinikk for Fot & Ankel Kirurgi" and try may be with a big "Klinikk"
    • SCH

      please find my revisions #52, #53, #54, #55, #56, #57 & #58. Thank you :)

  • You are still the best, can you please define the foot a little bit, to be more masculine than feminine. especially under the toes
    • About #50 Thanks you for your fadeback. Please ceck my revision and modificatiom concept in under the toes. I hope you like. Thanks Regard Kurniawanarif

  • please notice thye change in the text below the Akilles. Can you try with a big "Klinikk" under Akilles, and under will be (Fot & Ankel Kirurgi) Akilles Klinikk Fot & Ankel Kirurgi
  • I love your design, but I changed the text under Akilles, notice my prevous messages. It will be "Klinikk for Fot & Ankel Kirurgi" I like the logo down which, and i hope that you can remove the colour around the text and put only the text(after change)
  • Hello CH, i have submitted entrie #32 for your consideration. Thank you - Regards