Aladdin Foods, LLC

This was my fifth logo design contest- such a wonderful site and experience to gather creativity from around the world!! Would highly recommend and do it again and again. I would not do a contest without guaranteeing a winner. The artists work too hard and put so much effort into winning your vote…..It does require a lot of time to provide feedback in order to get exactly what you are looking for, but well worth it! Congrats to our artist on this contest, qinara- this artist captured all of the elements we were looking for!


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Winning design #501 by qinara, Logo Design for Aladdin Foods, LLC Contest
Gold Medal

designed by qinara

Project description

Looking for a company logo for newly formed business specializing in proprietary bakery ingredients.  The company was named Aladdin Foods to portray the magic and mystique of our unique ingredients.  We would like the logo to possibly include a magic carpet, a magic lantern, a magic wand or combination of these.  We want to be careful that our logo is not similar to the Disney Aladdin designs. 

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  • If you have time, can you add a lantern and stardust like # 488 and make "Foods" show up better in gold? #463
  • @CMGINC Please check my versions #495 and #496
  • About #488, @qinara
    I meant to post on this one.... Like this a lot. But like the darker purple colors on the rug
    • @CMGINC Like this, but like the rug colors on # 452 better.....can you update? Don't need color scheme on black background. Can you please show this with both rug shapes in the darker colors as final options? Thank you so much!!

  • Can you make rug darker purple like your entry #452? #486
  • Please see entries #490, #491, #492
  • i make simple and clean logo with 3 version colour, white, black and combine colour. :) #489
  • About #452, @qinara
    Sure CH @CMGINC.. i will update ASAP.
  • Please give feedback for this design. Thanks #480
  • Please give feedback for this design. Thanks #478
  • Can you make "Foods" in gold? Perhaps look at same font, but smaller? #463
    • About #463, @CMGINC Sure but it will have to be tomorrow GMT time, hopefully the contest wont expire by then. Thanks

  • Can you show one version adding a magic lantern sprinkling a few stars like #54 and removing stars underneath? #452
  • Can you please show us this logo in color scheme of #452 on white background? #459
  • Can we please see this in the darker color scheme of #452? #405
  • Like this color scheme much better…. Can you please remove the heavy shadowing? Can we also see this same logo without shadowing and using the rug shape you used in #405? #452
  • Can you change the angle of the rug to flip opposite direction so it flows better under the name? #436
    • Please check #477 for the variation. Thank you.

  • colors can be change. #473
  • Please let me know what you think about my revisions. Thanks!

    #459 #461 #463 #464
  • Name is spelled wrong… Aladdin.
    Can you add some sparkle/magic to the bottom of the baker's hat? #399
    • Ok. Thank you. About #399, @CMGINC

    • @CMGINC Here is the new design as you requested. #448


  • Like font better on #54,,,, #433
  • A little too bright on the pink and stars seem to stacked vs. random….. #438