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Winning design #144 by logorengan, Logo Design for Aladdin  Contest
Gold Medal

designed by logorengan

Project description

Hello Creative, 

We would like to design a logo for Aladdin wich is a similar business to Alibaba. 

It's a business to business platform where seller and buyers can 1- search for each other, 2- Find a match 3- Organize a meeting and 4- Close Deals.
 Color to use is orange color code #fb8916. 

Creative ideas are welcome, such as using Drawing of Aladdin lamp can be used as the logo icon (Attached is an example of a lamp drawing and another drawing of a coffee cup we liked) with trade twist! 

Also I like some logos such as: Apple, Twitter simple and international. 

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  • I am trying to award this project to you, everytime I select the medal it gave me the following error: Invalid Medal Count for case! any idea ? #144
    • About #144, @alaa1 Hello....try admin contact....I am ready to send all the files you need

    • @alaa1 please, tell me the numbers of the winning entries - i will award them manually

    • @alaa1 i have already awarded the #144 so now we need to award two others :)

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      Thank you

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  • revision #63 for your request.....thnks #144
    • About #143, @logorengan

      we will go for this one :-).

  • revision #63 for your request.....thnks #146
  • hope u like it #131
  • Hi :-), this looks amazing. Please remove this right hand of the letter (i), we do not want it to look like a person, Just keep the left hand so it looks like looking at the lamp. #63
  • the logo is similar to Alibaba. #100
  • Dear Sir,
    Please check my dsign
    Thanks #87
  • i draw letter A as a magic lampe in a very simple way as u request ..simplr..clean logo..hope u like it #85
  • I hope you love my designs #80
  • I hope you love my designs #79
  • I hope you love my designs #78
  • I hope you love my designs #77
  • aladdin , lamp with a magical rainbow rays #74
  • Dear,
    Please find my design idea, and i hope you will like that.

    Thanks #73
  • aladdin lamp with a magical rainbow rays #72
  • revision #53 for your request....thnks #63
  • Please make a favicon for the logo. once you send me all changes I will approve it and tell you the sizes and formate we need the logo to be send in. #53
  • I like the original i better, only the left side #53
  • Please make the spacing between the dots equal. #53