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Winning design #79 by otsenre68, Logo Design for Alaska Gateway School District Contest
Gold Medal


  • idea#13...hope you like.
  • hi contest holder, this design incorporates the mountains and the dogs while incrusted in a shield that can be interpreted as you are the head of all schools in that part of alaska. any feedback or suggestions are well taken
  • Dear Owner of the contest, design # 8, # 9 in this concept for logos only uses the image of Alaska and the mountains utilis unsaturated and have a modern and clean. Please do not hesitate to ask for changes! thanks
  • Dear Contest Holder, Design #4 is my first concept for your school district logo. I wanted to incorporate all of the elements you requested in your brief, but I did not want the logo to be too busy. After looking at your current website I decided to stay close to your current school colors with black, blue, green, and white. This design has a very simple structure, in order to achieve a clean and modern appearance. Please feel free to request any changes! Sincerely, Claunch Design Studio
  • Dear Contest Holder, Design #22 is another color variation for of my previous submission, design #4. This color scheme is a little less bold and more versatile. Please feel free to request any changes! Sincerely, Claunch Design Studio
  • Hi, Here is the changes to #13 you have requested, Thank you again!
  • Dear Contest Holder, Design #24 is my newest revision. I took your previous comments into consideration and applied the changes you requested. Please feel free to request any more changes! Sincerely, Claunch Design Studio
  • We'd be interested in seeing this done with the color scheme of number 22, with Alaska Gateway School District on the top part of the circle, and "The Gateway to Learning" on the bottom.
  • Could we see this without the mountain showing through the face?
  • I like the inclusion of the Gateway to Learning motto. It would be nice if the whole "Alaska Gateway School District" title could be worked in to the design.
  • backgrounds not allowed unless requested by the contest holder
  • backgrounds not allowed unless requested by the contest holder
  • About #39 and #40 these designs are done after going through your comments and suggestion carefully. Please let me know if you need any changes. Thank you.
  • About #35 Dear jfastenau, Here is my new design according to your comments & suggestions. I stretched more the design into an oval shape with a thinner border. All the lettering in the border in the same size, with no stars in the border. Instead of the rays, I put an aurora over the mountains? I've taken out the wolves and changed it into a team of dog. About #36, I just ad a "metal wings" on it to make more interesting? Hope you like it. All your comments & suggestions are highly appreciated. Thanks! Regards, rounin
  • Dear Contest Holder, Designs #31, #32, and #33 are my newest revisions. I changed the text back to the original layout and removed the stars. I also gave the dogs blue eyes and lightened the mountains as you requested. With these designs I wanted to enhance the idea of an Alaskan landscape, so I gave the design Northern Lights and added two pine trees to border the sides. There are three colors options for you to choose from as well. Please feel free to request any changes! Sincerely, Claunch Design Studio
  • Just made the changes, also notice that the logo on the right the dogs are a little bigger. Thank you!
  • I like the look of the team better than the single dog. Would it be possible to make the snow and bottom lettering white and leave the dogs legs grey?
  • Hi, just made requested changes to #13, thank you!
  • About #27 Hello! In my design I tried to simulate a dog looking through the top of a glacier. The idea is to convey the company forever "is the top," while making reference to elements that can integrate the design on the type of service they value. I tried to use fewer non-polluting element for the layout, which makes it easy to apply and assimilation, for whatever graphic piece it is inserted. Hope you enjoy!
  • Sorry for that and I'll make the requested changes, thank you!