Alberta Wild Outfitters

The contest worked really well as I followed along with the suggestions. The website is very simple and userfriendly. We're very happy with the outcome!!

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Winning design #145 by Sudjarwovovich, Logo Design for Alberta Wild Outfitters Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Sudjarwovovich

Project description

A unique design with the words Alberta Wild involved in the design. We hunt deer moose and bear. Looking for something original to other outfitting logos and something very simplistic.(not too busy)

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  • can you make the font smaller and maybe cleaner #181
  • how about taking the circles out and guns. keep the moose deeer and bear as you have it and put AlbertaWild together as one word underneath. #35
    • About #35, @antlercollections
      Hi, I've just submitted another version as per your instructions. Cheers

  • Dear CH,
    I hope you like my design.
    Thank You #173
  • your designs are awsome. were looking for more of a brand now as you have probably figured this out by now. im working on this with four other colleagues so its been a chore. we have all been busy this weekend. your designs would be great for t shirts though. the previous ones we liked. thanks for all your hard work so far and persistence #147
    • @antlercollections Compare this Graphics design and first-placed,d.ZGg&psig=AFQjCNERYkh7XDh6MJVExZxm7ZUNWVA3uQ&ust=1481704234282155

    • @kris_creative

  • Feedback appreciated. thanks #168
  • Albertawild logo #165
  • my first entrie , hope you like this ...
    please rate and feedback.
    thanks :) #159
  • feedback please #158
  • @antlercollections. Can we upload another designs? thanks.
  • please come back with the last two proofs you sent #111
  • hey somehow i lost your finished proof. your in contention to be the winner what happened. could you send it back to me again please #111
  • could you accentuate the a and the w to signify they are different words as in #126 pls #142
    • #143 a and the w to signify are different words

  • one of our associates says all she can see is a nose. lol now thats all i can see. obviously you knew that hence the tree. #129
  • as in just eliminate the space between the words #31
  • could you pls have AlbertaWild as one word #31
  • could you put albertawild as one word please as with the font in #70 #67
  • I hope you like my new concept #121
  • really like everything here except could we change the antlers to look a bit more typical of a white tailed deer #70
  • sorry if i said this already could we get albertawild as one word and eliminate the mountains #111
  • could we see this with albertawild as one word pls #25