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Winning design #182 by AgainstAllOdds, Logo Design for Alexander & Jacob , A&J ,    Contest
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designed by AgainstAllOdds

Project description

We want something supplementary to our logos. We don't want to replace our logos "Alexander & jacob" and "A&J", is more to complete our collection with another one. Just because we are in fashion business must be easy to embroider and print on fabrics. Our existing logos can be combined with the new  but its not required. These colors have been used in the past but if you have any ideas we are open. We can say that black is the basic  ..Our clothes are from eco yarn and our company is on business long time in the clothing industry in Greece (since 1968). At the present our collections dedicated at women but maybe in the  future expand to  children's or men's collection. Both Alexander & Jacob and A&J are registered in Greece. So far we use "avant garde" font for the 'Alexander & Jacob" and "A&J"  . Alexander & Jacob is a brand of women's clothing expressing the needs of the modern woman. The most important person to our company is the customer, for whom we choose the best fabrics, matching colors and style. We can say that several of our clients are noble ladies, Lawyers and office workers.

Lets resume..
We would like to see:
1) something supplementary to our logos
2) something like as big companies in fashion industry use for example Lacoste use crocodile Raulf Lar use a horse http://rider..etc
We want to avoid the comparison and imitation so it must be something new-fresh that will be identify with our company.
3) both above
4) fill free to suggest your ideas,  we are open to all of them.

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  • Hi, Goodday!!! Please preview my entries #204 #205 #206 #207 #226 #227 and hope you will like, if have any feedback please let me know. Thanks...
  • About #183,
    hello Ch please feedback on my design,
    Thanking You SACH
  • About #161, @rajagee new design included red& black color
  • Thank you very much for the feedback!

    I made this version to be more round and compact and also minimal.

    I modified the font to be more readable(not so long like the other).

    I hope that you like it and good luck with the contest! #150
  • About #143, @rajagee Dear CH, i hope you like my new design variation very clear & unique appreciated feedback thanks
  • make it be a little shinier, let it be a little more modern. but keep these lines. maybe will remain however, but try it to be more graphic design. put some shine ..its little classic.. #140
  • What do you need to change? make letters more rounded, thinner or something else? #135
  • try something not so calligraphic. At least the font to not be calligraphic. #117
  • Looks like autogrill but is about what we were looking.. #124
  • try  the letters not be stroke. Try also the letters to be contour just to give a sheen and become a little more modern. be more like a graphic designer than as a simple font. switch the gray with black #51
  • About the logo:
    The symbol inside of the circle is 'A' and 'J' put together. 'A' is visible and 'J' is hidden. This style of designing make the logo unique and easy to memorize. The logo is simple which mean you can use in small size in fabric without loosing the quality.

    Waiting for your feedback,

    Tet+ #124
  • what do you think of this one ? if you need any changes i can change it within the remaining days ? #114
  • Dear CH, Maybe an infinity sign forming a and j would do well in your logo. It's simple and a lot more meaningful. #120
  • slight variation #104
  • We like the way you think. try the same style adding something more as we mentioned in the other two suggestions #51 #50 #85 #71
    • About #51, @info58
      How can I send you new variants of logo?

    • @dubio , soon the contest will open again.

  • try another icon. this is very casual. try something which can be linked with our project. #85
  • head must be at profil and something more femmale as about the lines of the lion. #50
  • We like the idea that initials of our company creates a pattern or a motif. #51
  • it need a little more work but the contest is closing so i had to upload it , but if you choose it ill give the best version #100
  • it need a little more work but the contest is closing so i had to upload it , but if you choose it ill give the best version #99