Alexander Rowe Massage Therapist

Its been so awesome to go through this evolution of my new logo and receive all of the ideas and creativity from so many designers.

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Winning design #286 by GAKA, Logo Design for Alexander Rowe Massage Therapist  Contest
Gold Medal

designed by GAKA

Project description

I am looking to rebrand my massage business and update my logo. I'd like logo design options with:

(1) The image/pictoral mark by itself
(2) My business name by itself
(3) pictoral mark + name in a stacked format
(4) pictoral mark + name in a horizontal format

My business name is Alexander A. Rowe Massage Therapist, LLC.

I have attached a branding questionnaire that should give you more details into my business and what I am looking for. I have also attached my current logo. I like the idea of keeping a mobius strip into the pictoral mark (or something like it). The main color should be a calming water blue color but other warm colors can be incorporated into (see branding document).

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  • About #312, @Saboor A and R is incorporated in mobius. the dots inside depicts the stones that are used for for massage therapy .
    Hope you like this concept
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