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Winning design #329 by lturah60, Logo Design for All Dogs Club Contest
Gold Medal

designed by lturah60

Project description

All dogs club is a doggie daycare and overnight boarding facility in the Washington DC and Maryland area. We are in the process of beginning to do a brand and website refresh and redesign. As a part of this process, we would like to update our logo. 

The current website can be found at

We are looking for a better logo that uses less colors to save money on printing but is playful, modern, friendly and welcoming. 

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  • We are going to ask you to use the font in #310 and #308 - thank you! You have won. #329
  • Please connect the green at the top of the heart #341
    • @kelsey1 plz extend time i have designs to show you

  • gt
    feedback me please...? #365
  • gt
    feedback me please...? #360
  • in one color #359
  • Please connect the green at the top of the heart. #342
  • About #344 Please check and your feedback @kelsey1
    Thank You
  • @kelsey1
    hi there...this dog and heart.
    a picture of a heart that looks formed from two palms that are hugging a dog's head symbolizes love and care. #340
  • @kelsey1
    Hi..there this is revision from #172 in response to your feedback, the dog and circle. here I try to make the words "all dogs club" on the right side, below the picture, and circle the image,
    if something needs to be improved please contact me or give feedback again. thanks #326
  • logo design for new look #320
  • Some feedback pls... #317
  • About #298, @flashlogo Check #310 #311 #312 #313
  • About #298, @flashlogo Sir please check #308 #309
  • About #203,
    Design #177 has perhaps been eliminated. I can submit revised design with Sanserif or other appropriate font, if so desired.
  • Pls use the colors in #297 #298
  • logo for your dog club #301
  • dogs club logo #300
  • Can you please also do this logo in the light blue option with a grey "club"
    • @kelsey1 Sir please check #298 #299

  • Please make All Dogs one color and Club a secondary color #26
    • @kelsey1 Thankyou. Please check #297

  • gt
    feedback me please...? #296