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The designers were great. They responded in a very timely manner and submitted great art. I am very happy with the end result.

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Winning design #38 by jensbongaerts, Logo Design for All Pets Holistic Veterinary Care Contest
Gold Medal

designed by jensbongaerts

Project description

I am interested in a yin/yang symbol incorporating silhouette of a dog and horse with a horse shoe within the dog and a paw print within the horse.  I am also curious about the appearance of including a circle of animal foot prints around the outside including bird foot, lizard foot, cat, dog, horse etc.  

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  • I think this angle does work better, but I find the concentric circles distracting. Can the images extend to the outer circle? #29
    • Hello @janiceraabdvm ~ I just saw your comments regarding my design. I can easily remove the inner black circle. However, since your contest is in the 'expired' mode, designers are no longer able to upload any new or revised entries. Keep in mind, once you choose a winning design, you will have some time to fine-tune the design to your final approval.

  • I find something funny about the way the horse and dog intersect. there is a funny swoop under the neck of the dog that does not work for me. I would also like to see a single upright horse shoe within the dog and a single upright paw print within the horse. I do not need the name of the practice in the logo. #3
  • I find this a little too edgy for my taste #23
  • Everything of course can be changed according to your preferences. #20
    • @jensbongaerts I'm sorry I did not reply quickly enough. I liked your design best. Can you please put it back. I think I need to make a decision soon. Thank you!

    • @janiceraabdvm I'm sorry but today I saw my design was removed by, the horsehead was not according the rules so I made a new design for the horse! I hope you like it.

    • @jensbongaerts Thank you. Yes,, I love it. Now I have to figure out how to choose it.

  • I generally like this. Can you make the horse look friendlier and less angry? #15
  • Hi there~ Thanks for the feedback. I'm glad you are liking the logo. This version has the horse and dog at an angle. Please let me know if you'd like to see any additional revisions. Thanks so much, PaintedPony #31
  • I like this. Thank you. I think I like it better with the animals rotated as in #30 #29
  • Hello janiceraabdvm~ I designed a logo for your consideration that is clean and simple. I created a silhouette of a horse intertwined with the silhouette of a dog.

    The logo will be easy to produce online, in print for business cards, signage or for embroidery onto apparel such as shirts, hats, scrubs, etc. Hope you like the concept.

    Kind regards,
    PaintedPony #29
  • Everything of course can be changed according to your preferences. #19
  • Everything of course can be changed according to your preferences. #18
  • Everything of course can be changed according to your preferences. #17
  • I like this. I like the silhouette. I prefer it in the black. Can you make the horse shoe an foot print rotate 90 degrees so they are facing vertically? Horse shoe should have open part up so the good luck does not fall out :-) Can you remove the words and put the footprints around the neck parts of the "circle"? I don't need the company name included. I'm excited. #13
    • About #13, @janiceraabdvm Thank you for the feedback! I'm glad to hear you like the silhouette. I have several questions about the footprints. Do you want the footprints around the logo to be black? Do you want them to be symmetrical (footprints above the same as the footprinds below the logo)? And as last do you still want the horse shoe and dog paw in the logos around the logo because these are already in the logo.
      Thanks in advance!:)
      Kind regards

  • This is very nice. Can you make it in black and white? Can you rotate the horse shoe and foot print 90 degrees so the toes and open part of the horse shoe face up? Also can you remove the company name? I don't need that on the logo.
    Thanks! #6