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Winning design #71 by Victoireking, Logo Design for All Things Maker Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Victoireking

Project description

All things Maker is going to be a web site and youtube channel dedicated to the maker industry, focusing on 3d printing , prop and costume design.  We will promote the use of modern maker technologies. 

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  • @sean1 a bit different line shape, for option. #71
  • @sean1 Something like this? #70
  • i like this but it should just be a line between the words not come off any of the letters #69
    • About #69, @sean1 I see, give me a minute to fix it.

  • @sean1 option 4. #69
  • @sean1 Option 3. #68
  • @sean1 option 2. #67
  • @sean1 option 1. #66
  • could you make this a strait line between the words that flows into the s instead of coming off the m, its almost perfect just needs a little more something #62
  • @sean1 Hi, do you mean, something like this? #62
  • to severe more like a signature, more natural? #61
  • @sean1 Hi, this is it. #61
  • @sean1 Hi, here it is, without the lines between the letters. #60
  • i think i know what this needs, it needs to be a nice curve from the m over?? #54
    • About #54, @sean1 Hi, what do you mean with "it needs to be a nice curve from the m over"? I'm sorry I don't catch that, more detail please?

    • @Victoireking instead of a jagged line a nice gentle s shaped curve off the m over to the tool,

    • @sean1 Oh, I see, I'll working on it.

  • can we try this with the lines between the letters gone #55
  • @sean1 Hi, this is it. #59
  • think this might be too much how about with just the line from the m and not the letters connected? #56
  • @sean1 and this is option 2. #56
  • @sean1 Hi, I made 2 option for you, this is option 1. #55
  • can you make this 1 strait line on an angle is fine then conect the bottoms of the leters in maker so it looks like the tool just cut the word. this is definaltey the winner just need to make it perfect #54
  • or maybe jut 1 right angle #54