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Winning design #102 by Brand President, Logo Design for All Things Maker Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Brand President

Project description

Had a design done earlier but it is too complicated and does not work well on t-shirts etc. 

All things Maker is going to be a you tube channel dedicated to the maker community. 

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  • All Things Maker Logo #119
  • All Things Maker Logo... #109
  • All Things Maker Logo #107
  • All Things Maker Logo #106
  • tool holder is upside down #100
  • I am waiting for your valuable feedback? #105
  • Hi,
    Please have a look. If you need to change anything please let me know.
    I am waiting for your valuable feedback? #104
  • About #102, @ayubzafar looks good, maybe too much going on in the middle around the tool holder, but i like that i could change thi tool holder to a laser a nd a 3dprinter head in this one for different versions
  • @sean1 Check this one Created a badge version for shirts stickers etc
    Please let me know if you need any changes
    Thanks #102
  • installed on apparel and business cards. #91
  • @sean1 check it now #90
  • About #84, @ayubzafar can you make the circle a little smaller so that the pull stud peaks out the top
  • Tried to make the coloring more simpler and eye catching #87
  • Abstract Coloring which refers to "All" #85
  • @sean1
    Adjusted shapes and reduced the spacing between them also created some preview images that you will like
    Thanks #84
  • About #80 @sean1 if you need any changes please let me know also I'll upload some different similar designs soon.
  • Revision
    i had accidentally written 1.922 instead of 2.797 #80
  • @sean1 Finally completed it I hope you will like it
    This one looks great to me
    Let me know if you need any more changes
    Thanks #78
  • Mr. @sean1 I hope you like my design. Thank you... #76
  • all things maker #60