Alma Sales, Inc.

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Winning design #623 by sirupABC, Logo Design for Alma Sales, Inc. Contest
Gold Medal

designed by sirupABC

Project description

We are an independent sales agency that represents manufacturers in the kitchen cabinet, woodworking and furniture industries.  We primarily sell functional hardware such as hinges, drawer slides, knobs, pulls and wood components/supplementary products such as wood panels, wood filler, glue, aluminum cabinet doors and other items that all go into the manufacturing of cabinetry for residential and commercial applications.

We are doing a totally new brand for our company.  You can visit our website to see what we do and the products we represent at but please don't let the colors or old logo influence your design as we are treating this as a new company.

We haven't decided on colors yet, but are leaning towards blue and grey.  We would appreciate color suggestions, you guys will know what looks good much better than us!

We would like Alma to be the stand out and sales either be underneath or not used at all and just use Alma. We also like the idea of Alma being able to be used in letterform with a single letter as well as being spelled out fully as Alma.

We look forward to seeing some great designs and will try and answer any questions and provide feedback to all designers!

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  • can you change the font used in alma? we like the logo though #87
    • @AlmaSalesInc Thank you for the comments you gave I am ready to change the font you want but? the contest has ended and I can't send a revision thank you regards.

    • @AlmaSalesInc Thank you for your response, if you like my design, please choose me as a winner, and I will immediately send the file and design changes as you requested, thank you regards.

  • can you change the font on the Alma? we like it to be a full A not missing the cross #169
    • @AlmaSalesInc Thank you for your feedback, sorry I just found out that there is feedback from you, and I was only able to reply to messages from you because there was an internet problem, if you like my design, please choose me as a winner, and I will immediately send the file and design changes as you requested, thank you regards

  • hello

    this is my entry
    any feedback will be very appreciated

    thank you #693
  • SIR . If u need any changes so let me know #689
  • please check my revision #687
  • how about this sir
    i hope you like this design #686
  • Dear Sir, Please see this design. thanks #682
  • Hi Everyone! We are very happy with all of the submissions! Keep them coming over the next 25 minutes or so! So many good logos it will be a tough decision. We are going to open voting to some of our colleagues for their feedback, but should have a decision made sometime this week!

    Thanks again for your help in designing our logo and we look forward to choosing a winner!
  • actually this logo is simple
    and easy to remember,
    hopefully it matches what you are looking for #680
  • pLEASE CHECK #671
  • I HOPE YOU LIKE IT SIR. hheheeh #670
  • Dear Sir, Please see this design ,. thanks #668
  • we like this design, is it also possible to do a version with the dot in the middle like your submission 437? #647
  • AS #664
  • Please check my design. #663
  • Dear Sir, Please see this design. thanks #654
  • Dear Sir, Please see this design. thanks #652
  • please check my revision. thanks #647
  • i like the addition of cabinet related objects in the,but it is too obvious, we like the more subtle approach like your design 623 #640
  • Sorry to confuse you, we would like the A to the left and Alma Sales out to the right like submissions 634, 632, 623, 437 for example.

    thanks! #636