ALOHA 英会話 (eikaiwa) -----> English School

Amazing designers! Revisions were made quickly and accurately. We got a lot of great designs and it was nearly impossible to choose the best design for our logo. We will be coming back to DC if we need more designing done. Thank you!

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Winning design #239 by friendnand, Logo Design for ALOHA 英会話 (eikaiwa)  -----> English School Contest
Gold Medal

designed by friendnand

Project description

We are an English school in Japan teaching to children between the ages of 2 and 12. We are looking for something cute and fun as we are teaching to young children. "ALOHA" should be uppercase letters, easily read and on top of "英会話" For the shop sign we will put the logo on a white, bright yellow or some shade of blue background. One side will be at least a meter so it will have to look clean at this size too. Possible things to include would be a rainbow, lei, plumeria/frangipani or original character. (no hibiscus) To type Japanese in Windows I think you have to enable the language bar and use a keyboard shortcut or change it manually to "Hiragana" in the language bar. Then type "eikaiwa" then hit the space bar and then enter. This is not a major part of the logo. I've uploaded a Japanese font if you need one, but we will provide a font in the end that we feel matches the design for the final logo. I also uploaded an 英会話 (eikaiwa) png file to use if you are having trouble with the Japanese font. Thank you!

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  • Dear Erik, My entry is #33. My concept is a caterpillar entering the school, the school represented by a lei made of frangipani flowers, and leaving the school as a butterfly... a metamorphosis has occurred. The Student has matured and grown. I have purposely kept the other lettering simple so as not to distract from the concept and to keep it easy to read. I am open to any suggestions you may have. Kind regards, Liz
    • Both designs are great! The metamorphosis is a nice bonus! Could I see what they would look like with the caterpiller and butterflies in a rainbow pattern so it looks seperate from the name and stands out more? Thanks!

    • Also, the colors are too soft to stand out on a sign and the font needs to change too. Thank you!

  • Very cool concept, but it's too difficult to read.
    • Hi, if you want to make an arrangement, i can do it to readable...

    • I'm not sure about an "arrangement," my money is guaranteed in this design contest. I'd like to see other designs from you though. Thank you!

    • i think i use wrong word "arrangement", i mean revision on logo.

  • Getting better! Could the trees be a lot smaller, ALOHA a little bigger and lose the hibiscus? Thank you
    • thanks for you're encourage. Shall i remove that hibiscus ?

    • Please... it felt like too much was going on in the picture with the hibiscus

    • Ok sure Thank you! will make it simple. Please if you don't mind could you please tell me about the this design how it should be you want because i have only 2 submissions left on this contest.,hope you understand.Thank you

    • Sir! waiting for you're response. if i get more rating points then i can submit 3 more entries to this contest. thank you!

    • I understand. I'll keep your points above 30 so you can enter more designs. Thank you!

    • Thank you sir! really thank you for you're encourage and support

  • I like this design a lot, but it doesn't feel right for are target market
  • You designed it exactly like I asked... but it doesn't catch my eye. Sorry
  • It would be cool if there was an image at the beginning of the rainbow represented the students starting out. They ride the rainbow through the school and come out on the other end with another image representing their goal/achievment/success. It might be too deep for a kids school, but I'll try think of some images that would work. Thank you!
  • Could I see this design without the hibiscus and with the letters ALOHA the same size. Could you also weave the rainbow without it changing size or fading away? Thank you!
  • Very cool design...but it feels like its for a night club rather than a childrens school
  • Nice balance and rainbow. Could you try 1) moving 英会話 to the bottom 2) using a softer font 3) playing around with the "O" in ALOHA. Thank you!
  • Could I see it with the palm trees spread out and raised up. Thank you!
    • Sure! can i made the trees Straight or as in #17 should i raised up in only that directions? Thank you for you're suggestions.

  • Very professional! We need the name ALOHA to be easier to read for the Japanese market
    • Dear CH, Thanks for positive feedback on my design, #20 is new entry for your consideration, hope you like it. Thanks & Cheers

  • Cute design but too simple. We are trying to stay away from different colored letters. Thank you
  • Looking for a feedback about entry #17 #18 Thank you!
  • I like the idea. Could you give more focus on the name of the school? Thank you
  • Stylish, simple and catchy! Could I see some rounder fonts with outlining? Thank you!
  • Thank you for the rainbow entries. Now that I can see it, the idea isn't stylish and cute enough to work. Thank you for your effort!
  • Looking for something a little cuter. Thanks!
  • Could you make the ALOHA stand out more in the logo as well as using a more traditional rainbow? Thank you
    • Thanks for you're suggestions, and sure i can update my revised version. and can you please make this contest as blind contest so that nobody can't copy the each other designs. thank you!

  • thank you for the rating of #6 and i need your feedback for #12.......
  • Can I see what it would look like with the rainbow in the letters ALOHA instead. Thank you
    • Hi, thank you for the rating of #2 and #3. #10 has the ALOHA letters in rainbow colours as requested. Regards, Glen.