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this was an incredible experience to the beginning steps to my business and plus the designers i requesting changes to the logo were very nice and helped me out alot. i would do this again and especially tell others. thank you

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Winning design #50 by sdesigner, Logo Design for Alpha Inspection Services Contest
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designed by sdesigner

Project description

The logo im looking for is for an NDT Inspection company for refineries, fabrication shops, pipelines and anything industrial. I want the main colors to be red and black including grey or gold. The link below is a logo i drew up. I want the word alpha to remain similar having peaks cause it resembles a form of inspection. I dont want mountains in it but i want a intimidating wolf head, the full body or aggressive claw marks instead in the background. A professional, modern look is what I'm trying to go for

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  • About #48, @sdesigner okok almost there I need the wolf a little bit blacker but not too much and the middle peaks that is in the middle of alpha I need the bottom peak of it splitting between the words "inspection services" instead of it splitting the word "services" and that's it with the wolf on top and the wolf on the side. I got 2 entries left so lets make it count.
  • About #46, @sdesigner and the wolf a little bit more blacker but not too much.
    Thanks so much!
  • Hey if you want to you can the same A as before but make it taller than the second A, the middle peaks splitting the words "inspection services" instead of splitting the word service like this "s ervice" and last I want to see the wolf beside the logo and on top.. I beyond appreciate your patiences and i don't mean to repeat myself it's just I'm low on entries
  • I apologize I didn't know that.
    I would like the word Alpha to look like that to your previous logo if possible and if you can take the tail away from your previous logo and make it just the head that would be aweaome.. you have been very helpful
    • @jacob9269 ok i will try ples wait thank you :)

    • @jacob9269 ok i will try ples wait thank you :)

  • Oh ok idk how to do that. But can I get you to put a wolf head where the A logo is at and keep it the same way as before?
    • @jacob9269 hello ch you can ask support team iam sure they will help you and ok i will try to do as you said thank you :)

  • Idk understand what you mean by "can you ples blind this contest ?" And the red and black looks good. Can I see the word inspection below Alpha and the word company taken away?
    • @jacob9269 sure i will :)

    • @jacob9269 i mean to say ples blind your conets now the contest is open every designer see another design if you blind contest you will see more diffrent concep design thank you :)

  • Hello, I love the way the logo looks but it's not the style I'm goin for.. I'm goin for black and red and possibly a modern, professional looking wolf and the word Alpha having peaks looking like a heart monitor.. but I'm up for new ideas and i really do like your style and would love to see more if you are interested because I am for sure
    Thank you #28
    • About #28, @jacob9269 ok sure sir i change as you said but can you ples blind this contest ?

  • hi ch commnt ples thank you :)
  • Can you take the arch away and make it just the wolf and the word Alpha but how you have it now? It looks great #27
  • CKS
    Hello Jacob, please let me know what you think about this one.
    Erick #21
  • And can you make the second A in Alpha a little shorter please sir? I'm very interested in yours #20
  • Wow that looks amazing! Can you reverse the colors like make the wolf black and Alpha red? You did a great job on this one! #20
  • CKS
    Hello Jacob, thank you for the feedback! Send this new entry for your evaluation.
    Any changes or suggestion , please let me know.
    Erick #20
  • Can you make the A's connect at the bottom like a heart beat on a monitor, make the first A a little taller and make the gap at the bottom on both A's a little more narrower.. I like the way you set it up #17
  • I hate to add on but if you can make the first peak a lititle taller and both peaks a littler narrower at the bottom making the gap smaller that would be awesome. I'm interested in your design and setup #7
  • Hey I like how it was laid out buy can u that the color background out and just leave the wolf howling on the cliff and make the first A in Alpha taller? The first one is suppose to be taller it resembles ultrasonic peaks #6