Alpha Performance, Online personal coaching for athletes

There end result was worth it, tho I have to say I expected more creativity by other designers. One came with a animal (wolf) in the logo, and all others started to make wolfs.. Well the result is 10/10!

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Winning design #74 by keyla, Logo Design for Alpha Performance, Online personal coaching for athletes Contest
Gold Medal

designed by keyla

Project description

We wanna start a online platform where we offer (online)coaching and articles for and about sports. Mainly Powerlifting, nutrition and physique/bodybuilding but also strength and conditioning for other sports. Besides that we are also a Powerlifting Team!

The name is gonna be Alpha Performance. You may unlease your own creativity on this information. But if you chose to use an animal or human for the logo make sure the human is doing a deadlift or (back)squat (not weightlifting please!) or the animal is a gorilla or a lion. You can also use barbells or weightplates if you like. We also would like you to include the words: Strength - Dedication - Honor, in the logo. And it would be nice if you let the added logo's inspire you!

The colors you may chose yourself, we like black and white, but also like blue with white or red with black.
We want the logo to have a professional look, but also it needs to breathe sports, power and energy.

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  • Congratulations! You are the winner of this contest! #87
  • Congratulations! You are the winner of this contest! #87
  • Logo #177
  • Logo #176
  • Logo #175
  • Logo #174
  • Thank you for rating my logo sir.
    Here is updated design with colors. #172
  • I love it, but it is to much like EliteFTS.. Too bad because it is soo nice #150
  • Please check it. #151
  • Logo idea. Hope im on track. Good luck #140
  • Hello!
    Kindly view my creation sir.
    Thank you. #120
  • Thank you! Could you maybe remove the light behind it too? (or a little bit). You do great #86
  • We love the design. Could you blend #76 #77 and #79 together? So we could use the logo with minor changes in different circumstances? Thank you! We like this design very much. Could you maybe also try a barbell design? #77
  • Nice wolf, but not sold on the text/font. Also we got many wolfs. Maybe go for a human deadlifting or a barbell! #73
  • Not sure about the tekst, and maybe go without a shield design as most do this allready. Thank you for the entry! #72
  • Very good! The lion fits perfect. #76
  • Thank you for your entry! Just AWESOME! We love it.. Could you also make a version without a shield to go with it? Would love to see some more work from you if I may be so rude. Thanks you so much #74
  • One more fox, for last time:)
    Different triangle design, fox smart look:) #71
    • @websolut Hahaha reminds me of Doge! hahahahahah

  • Looks good man! We like it! #70
    • About #70, @wilco1988 thanks bro ,if you have any request , so just tell me ,

      thanks again

    • @mudinir Yeah, only that you just do your thing and maybe try to improve some things (without me knowing what haha).

  • Better entry! Keep it up! And please get rid of the backgrond :P #69
    • About #69, @wilco1988 okay thanks ,,