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We were really setisfield with this homepage and all designers. It made so easy our things how we can get a good, modern logo. Thank you for the opportunity.

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Winning design #22 by osama999, Logo Design for Alsómocsolád Község Önkormányzata Contest
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designed by osama999

Project description

The logo what we would like to get by this homepage it's an innovative, not that old school one. The logo needs to be without any circle round or quardrilateral. It has to be open.

You can see herby the story what can help you to create the logo:

Municipality, institutes, economy sectors, civil organizations of Alsómocsolád, Bikal, Mágocs, Mekényes, Nagyhajmás settlement decided  in 2014, that they make a cooperation and create a common synergistic develop program for these 5 settlement. These realization bring on a new type of cooperation system.

From this decison came the Northern Hegyháti Micro-Union in the year of 2014 on 18 of June what proposed , that it will work up in the micro union for a long-term and substantial municipality-, business-, organization cooperation. It can coordinate the mechanics of the participants, can help for the common value in the region and a common development what will based on a unique skill.

The coopepration arrived to a new capter. On 10th October in 2018 the mayor of municipalities descry their aim that would like to create the FIRST SMART REGION.

The essence of the initiative to combine the community resources of settlments with the informational technologies. It can make a bridge between the modern city-life and village poeple/lifestyle. It can help to make a demographic balance, can take to a good way of the previous aging and population decline ( in a positive way).

Who are living on rural, those people can get a knowledge, what can be useful how to use the new technology. The SMART REGION is open minded, collaborative and receptive community what can show the real value of rural life and can re-creates the new rural lifestyle.

The SMART REGION can make confortable the rural-life and save up time, money and tasks for the village people, also can abate distance, can enhance chances and makes it more reasonable how they can use the resources.

We would like to get a logo for these 5 settlements.

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