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Winning design # by , Logo Design for AMERICOM Contest
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We are looking for a corporate logo that reflects a forward looking view for technology.

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  • Did you have "America" colors in mine? (Red, White, Blue)
  • backgrounds not allowed unless requested by the contest holder
  • clipart and existing art is not allowed in logo contests the art you used is found here
  • Hello sir, here is a variation on the design, I made the 'flag' with some pixels coming out giving it the technology feel as for data and it now has movement to represent flow of data and speed! The spelling is checked! Thanks!
  • #19 hello CH here's my solution for your logo; the concept is based on connected arrows as symbol of fast information travelling, sharing, flowing etc. two direction arrows- interaction(one direction fulfills another..), communication..
  • Hello sir, here is a simple design, it is an abstract from the american flag in a 3d design giving the logo depth and representing technology in the american spirit. Sorry for the mes-spelling I will make it right. Thanks!
  • Dear CH,,, This is an American concept of the state flag with the letters A and form the shape of a speed in communication. I hope you like. Thanks :)
  • Respected Sir, All if you love in Red colour that you will even might love this one as you got it for you and when you download and see this even from even at some long distance in your office or room you will look its highlights a great look of my work, and all neat and tidy work , it will give a good look on your website and letter pads and on your products and where ever you print my desiogned logo, my designed logo will attrect all in the universe if you give one mild look and if my logo is selected, I do write songs and I can help you in your advertisement with my songs if you need it, later. My dream is to make with my songs in this world one day , but by now my words of own are on my pages , tomorrow to conquer the hearts of peoples of the world Thank you
  • Here in logo I have added the little new look with adding golden colour A and white star in the meaning of peace and loviong in concern and rest of the logo is just like the one you might have seen just before and that you might have read my comment for number 90, I wish you can read with this in addision , thank you
  • You will see that my logo is big, energatic and worth meaning and and a big designed image with the collection of triangles make your as unique logo, as I have designed this logo I have added blue colours not the one in colour but but to look atractive it makes meaning that also thhe sky has been added to your logo, when you see the logo , I think you got the meaning, aand regarding with consideration of tecnology you have found the wheel structure + sign and also A denotes in the image and so on F, and L you will find some way added inn. .
  • No backgrounds unless requested by CH.
  • No backgrounds allowed unless requested by CH.
  • America + Communication ... original concept. Star + antenna.
  • & #83 original custom concept ... hope you like it. Best regards, -- jjy
  • Hi CH i forgot to convert the image in RGB colour....the colors can be too bright for web seem! #81
  • In my design I took the basic wifi image and turned it into an american flag. It is a bit of a crude version of my idea, I'm not sure if I like the font or placement of the text. If you like the concept I would be more than happy to continue it and develop it more. Thanks
  • Third party images are not allowed.
  • hello dear I think you understood what I wrote, and you have worked according to it, I did the way you did when I was doing the course of my graphics at the institute. I think that You must more highlight the name also to give importance to the name, to compete with other designers and you must devide he image in 2 top and bottom and try it and place one more, I am also a designer more its all depends on the contest holder but we must help one another with good point and top change the colour
  • one design/one version only in a contest entry unless requested by the contest holder
  • Hi! #113 represents the signal tower with 4 dark colors with gradient to white. White color represents the power of signal. and if needed Ill change the font because the design before mine has the same. And i saw it after the upload. sorry