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Winning design #33 by Mrknolraap, Logo Design for Anchor Advisory International Pte. Ltd. Contest
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designed by Mrknolraap

Project description

I need a logo for my firm "Anchor Advisory International Pte.Ltd." The logo should give a feeling of help or advise to Research & Development project. Logo should give a feeling that someone doing research and development is being helped financially .

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  • Good try. Can you make the logo little bigger and take out the background color or put another color so that the wheel and magnifying glass is obvious
    • thanks for the feedback ......i 've just submitted another variation according to your feedback....hope you like it! one thing i m new on this site so i m on level one that's why i have to submit only 3 designs and i didi that if you want any modification then i was unable to submit that so sorry for that in advance :) thanks again

  • Good Job, logo should reflect ongoing research and development
    • thanks........kindly do tell us if you have any specifications related to design elements in your mind that will be really helpful for us to improve our designs :)

    • Design should reflect financial advise to development. Like supporting a bulb under development?

    • so it doesn't mean that we should use "ANCHOR" as a design element?Right

    • Not really. I need to to research and development

  • Great Job. The bulb shows research and development in progress. Can you add another tool too like a magnifying glass and a wheel being looked at. Thanks
    • I am glad that you liked my design. I am not sure that I understood correctly about the magnifying glass and a wheel, but you can look #15. If it's not like you expected, just let me know.

    • So far so good. Can you propose 3 color schemes?

  • Good Job, logo should reflect ongoing research and development
  • Good Job, logo should reflect ongoing research and development
  • Good Job, logo should reflect ongoing research and development
  • Logo should reflect ongoing research and development
  • About #21 Hi nmogul I have submitted this entry keeping in mind about you requirement, hoping to here from you.... Best Regaards
  • HI CH, I upload the design #28. Please feedback. Thank you :)
  • I uploaded some options. The small circkles we're supposed to have the colour of the wheel, instead of the anchor... I can only upload three designs, so i'll save that one for later.
  • Hi CH, Thanks for the feedback, glad you like it! Am i free to use every (bright) colour? Do you also want the font colours to be changed?
    • Sure, give me a few choices. Thanks

    • Yes please give me a few choices to choose from

  • Good Job. Can you give me a few color schemes. Anchor can be more blue, wheel can be different color. Just want it a bit more bright. Let us finalize this ASAP
  • I like this logo. Can you please give me a few color schemes to be a little more bright. Like the anchor can be more blue and the wheel a different color. Let us finalize this ASAP. Thanks great job
  • Please change the color of the wheel to maroon and finalize Thanks
  • I like the logo on the left side in the second row. Can you please finalize that. Send me the final and I will make you the winner
    • Great! The only problem is that i can't upload any more designs. I reached my limit. Maybe emailing would be an option?

  • I like the #2 logo being the top on the right hand side. Can you make the words "International PTE Ltd. more visible. Change the wheel color to maroon more iron color look and the anchor bright blue. Thanks
  • Hi there nmogul I wanted to let you know that your contest is in expired mode. The designers can not reply or submit entries when contest is in expired mode. The contest is now waiting for you to either choose a winner or extend the contest. I wanted to also let you know that after you choose a winner you have 7 more days to work with your winning designers on any changes you may need or want Please let us know if you need any help Thank you
    • All OK release the prize money