Andrew Harper Choreography

When it comes to finding the perfect representation for your brand, sometimes you don't really know exactly what you want until you see it. Design Contest allowed me to explore many more options than I could have ever received from one designer and helped me to zero in on what I was really looking for.

$275 paid

126 custom designs

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Winning design #100 by Dayadrana, Logo Design for Andrew Harper Choreography Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Dayadrana

Project description

I am a freelance choreographer in need of a logo to use for my website, printed materials, and merchandise to be sold at my upcoming show. 

The logo must include the text: "Andrew Harper Choreography" and could include other text (domain name, initials (AH), etc.) as you see fit.

Classic black and white is a favorite of mine but I might be open to color.

I envision the logo as a sort of stamp or seal (maybe round) that is worn as if it were just stamped onto the page, screen, etc. 

Much of my work involves modern interpretations of old music, fashion, and performance types (ex. vaudeville) and I would like the design to reflect my contemporary vintage-inspired aesthetic. 

Here is my website for reference:

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  • why you give me infaction ? i dont know other design .can you remove the infraction? i wont submit again
    • @jayadesign I did not place the infraction. Not sure what the issue is.

  • Could I see this one on a black and a white background as well? #84
    • @andrewharper47 Sure thing. I provided 2 options. #113 and #114. Let me know if there is anything else I can do. Thanks

  • Could I see this one on a black and a white background? #62
    • @andrewharper47 No problem. Please see #112.

  • with text slightly counter-clockwise. sorry, missed that request before... #111
  • option design look better #109
  • Still love this design. Could you try making the letters just a little bit shorter? #71
    • About #71, @andrewharper47 please see #107 for changes. let me know if you'd like anything else

  • shorter letters per #71 comment. let me know if you'd like any more changes #107
  • I appreciate the coordination with my website font, but I think I like your other font better. #104
  • Like the center initials in this one but like the outside circle on #106 better. Also, please add the "y" to choreography. #105
  • diferent design for option #106
  • try to diferent

    triangle is AH

    can you give me a feedback for this design? #105
  • using font and naming from your website #104
  • using Miso font and emulating the style of your name from your website #103
  • This is my favorite font/symbol combination of yours. Can I see what it looks like on a black background and rotated a little counterclockwise? #35
  • What would this look like with the text rotated slightly counterclockwise (leaving the outer rings where they are)? #71
  • Like the changes to the letter spacing. This looks great! #71
  • Thought I would try something a little different with a letter press style since it bears some similarities to stamping. #94
  • Dynamic active form
    will work when small #79
  • About #77, @habib346 210
    2010 is just for sample this will be correct to 2014, replace with your debut year
  • I love the asymmetrical outer circle. It really looks like it was just stamped on the page. The lettering appears a little cramped. #65