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Winning design #138 by sajid2032, Logo Design for Andrograde Contest
Gold Medal

designed by sajid2032

Project description

Andrograde is a social network and gaming website for teenagers. We need the logo to be fun and futuristic looking.

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  • Hello CH, About entry #4: The concept here is to use a game controller with eyes instead of buttons to represent network members, by using the controller as a smiley of sorts, where the eye-buttons stand in for the colon. Main mark is a winking controller. It's minimal but memorable. Hope you like it.
    • Love the idea of the game controller being used for emoticons. The font is simple though, the font in 24 is more interesting.

    • Hello CH, Thank you for your feedback, and I'm glad you liked my idea (in entry #4) of the controller-cons :P. I've uploaded entry #30 as a more polished version of this concept. I've added some dimension to the shape with highlight and shadow. To bring forth the aspect of the image as a controller, I've changed one of the eyes for a cross directional pad. To bring forth the aspect of the image as an emoticon, I've turned it on it's side as if it were being typed. Lastly I changed the font to a more interesting one, and one more overtly futuristic, as per your request. I hope you like it. Thanks again.

    • I've included an additional entry (#31), where I've used two colors on all lower case fonts, which I think makes an improvement. Hope you like it as well. Thanks.

  • Hello willperone, I have submitted design #17. I hope this is something along the lines of what you are after. Please, don't hesitate to ask if there is anything at all you would like me to touch up on. Thank you for your time.
    • Interesting idea with the G inside the A, though it doesn't get the idea of games across (hard to tell aside from the D-pad inside the text).

    • hello willperone, firstly thanks for the feedback! next, i have submitted design #25 for your viewing. I leaned the G/A effect which you liked more towards a games console shape, with buttons, and re positioned the d-pad. as well as changing the font to a more futuristic one as you requested. if you have any comments please don't hesitate to ask. i could also move the G/A to the left/right/inside the main text if that is something you would like. Thanks again for your time.

    • Thank you for the fast turnaround. Maybe try incorporating the gamepad into the first letter of the title. Not sure what to do with the G, though people on the site have been using the nickname 'AG' for the site so I like how that plays off that. The colors need to come to the front more and need to be more cohesive, blue/red wouldn't work well for a color scheme of the site. Blue and some other color could work.

    • hello again willperone. I have submitted design #29 for you. I have now included the gamepad inside of the A as you requested, and also mixed up the colour scheme, i hope to your liking. Thanks once again for the feedback, and your time.

  • Hello CH. I have submitted #10. The inspiration behind this concept is from an old Commodore 64 game I owned in the 80's. I cannot remember the name of it but I do remember that it featured an android character. If there is anything you would like changed, please specify and i'll get right on it. Thanks, Paul.
    • This is very nice, I think the font is hard to read. Check the font in 24, it's more readable. Love the android idea as it can turn into a mascot easy though it doesn't currently get the concept of games across. Love the clean style.

  • Hello, willperone. My entry is #43. Please, take a look at it. I would appreciate any directions from you. Thanks in advance. IMObraz : )
    • It's futuristic but too abstract; someone would have no idea by seeing the logo what it's about.

  • Thank you everyone for your entries so far! So far I love the font in 24 as it has visual interest but is also readable and gets a futuristic feel across. The cleanline style of 10 is nice; I don't want something too busy and I like the idea of an android like mascot but it also needs to be tied in with games. Don't be afraid to use bright colors or contrast; the target demographic are teens which like those bright colors. I also love the controller idea in 4 where it can be used as emoticons too though it needs to be more polished.
  • Hi there! I submitted #11, inspired by an xbox controller and headset. I'm very happy to make changes as needed. Thanks!
    • I like the controller idea but it needs to be simpler and cleanline with some punch to the colors.

  • Hi again! For #57 I took your feedback and took out the extra flourishes, punched up the color, and flattened the line work. I kept the headset idea but added a 'stacked' theme to evoke the idea of leveling up. As always, I'm happy to incorporate feedback! Thanks!
    • Thanks for the revision, I think it evokes the imagery of console gaming too much though whereas this company is about web gaming; I think it's the headphones that is doing it. The font could use some love too.

  • Hello. There´s my sugestion. #66 I would appreciate some feedback. Thank you.
    • Thanks for your submission, interesting idea. Perhaps something more explicitly like an android would make a better mascot though I like the megaman like quality. Making the font out of circuitry is a cool idea.

  • Hello this is my first submission here... #67 would love to hear some feedback
    • the controller looks too much like a real playstation controller; I could get sued for using its likeness. Font is interesting but a bit hard to read, like the 2 tone.

  • I like 1, 3 and 5. Try making the controller have more gloss instead of flat shaded.
    • I've uploaded #69 with your specs. I'm using font 1 from #48.

  • This is much better, love the gloss and bright colors. Love the A inside the G icon too. Would be more readable perhaps if the 2 green buttons in the icon were black instead otherwise I can't tell there is an 'a' in there. Can you also explore a few color options other than green?
  • This is very nice, maybe try adding gloss to the letters and doing something else on the icon other than the gradient, maybe try having that be glossy like the game controller. Try the controller with and without the 'start' button on it.
  • Hello there. Thank you the ratings and feedback to my entry #42. Just take a look at the revisions of my designs.#60 #53.Any feedback would be great.
  • Hi CH, have a look at my submission #56, my idea was to incorporate a old school hand held game box with 8 bit games on it, "G" depicts a game itself very similar to "the snakes". Let me know what you feel.
  • A lot of these latest logos are all very nice, way to go designers! Making it hard to decide :)
  • Hi CH, please check out #52, simplistic, futuristic and colourful. thanks - bp
  • Nice play on the letters and polish but too abstract; can't tell it's related to games or social network.
    • Hi CH, Thanks for the feedback. I think you'd like #51 much more. Any feedback on it would be appreciated. Thanks

  • Hello willperone. Firstly thanks for the ratings! I hope I can continue to improve designs to your tastes. I have now submitted design #49 and #50. These lean towards a slightly different interpretation of the games controller i was exploring before. I also tried a couple of new colour schemes i think you may like. Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks for your time.
  • Hello CH, I've uploaded #48 with additional font options of entry #31 for you to choose from.
  • Interesting idea but sort of looks like some creepy alien monster.