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I received several strong and useable logo designs - very pleased with the overall outcome. I had a few challenges with the "voting" setup but this was a minor issue. I will definitely use the site again when I'm next looking for a logo.

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Winning design #43 by Yakob, Logo Design for Andromeda Coaching Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Yakob

Project description

We need a logo for a professional coaching company which is primarily targeting business organisations.
The logo should use a spiral galaxy as a motif (this doesn't have to be specifically based on the form of the Andromeda Galaxy). 
The only text to be included is the word "Andromeda" (no specifics on upper or lower case).
A word association for the image to be conveyed:
Professional, Empowering, Discreet, Expansive, New Beginnings, New Frontiers, Infinite Potential, Dynamism, Energy, Subtlety, Harmony.

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  • The design concept is an idea for a design. The elements of "Spiral Galaxy" is a concept suggested by the contest holder and can not be claimed by one of the designers in this contest, it's just how good they visualize it so it would fit in with the type of company. #251
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    Thanks Yakob. I noticed the copies too! Don't worry, you're still very much in the game. Dave
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    Thanks Yakob. Can you try this one more time with the star smaller again? About 50% of the original size? Thanks, Dave
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    Yakob, can you recreate this with the star a little smaller - say 70% of the size in this one? Thanks.
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