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Winning design #47 by joekong, Logo Design for Anglers Edge International Contest
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designed by joekong

Project description

We are looking for a logo for our international fishing team to be used for the boat name,website, and apparel. The name is Anglers Edge International but we are really looking for something with the initials A E I. We are thinking possibly 1 or 2 Blue Marlin being incorporated into the name. Maybe 1 or more fish are actually part of the letters or maybe just mixed in somehow. It would be interesting for the name to be AEI but then the rest of each word nglers, dge, nternational worked into the design but not really sure. I have attached some images of things that caught my eye. Would like to keep navy blue as really the main color. maybe some other shades of blue mixed in or even possibly some grey/silver.

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  • looking for something much more cutting edge with a flair
  • I like the basis of this one best so far. I think the blue oval background probably needs to go away and get some more flare into the letters but right direction for sure!
    • dear CH, i have done what you said "entries #15", i remove blue oval background and add flare into the letter, am i doing right like what you want?

  • I am looking for a little more cutting edge and a little more flare.
  • looking for more cutting edge and less subtle.
  • I think you have a good sense of style but I am looking for more of a focus on the initials of AEI.
  • I am having trouble explaining what i am looking for but this is to bland. I am looking for more cutting edge and a little more crazy in it.
  • Hello, I was wondering if you had any suggestions for #11, thanks!
    • You need to somehow make the letters standout more. Thx

    • #23 is my revision – do the letters stand out enough?

  • It's definately getting closer to what I am looking for. wonder if you could get it more linear and maybe make the A part of the marlin and also the I part of the marlin??? Just an idea.
  • Interesting. Could you try it in Blue with a white background? And then maybe mess with multiple shades of blue?
  • to cartoonish
  • Couple of things. First I really want to stick with a Blue Marlin and not a sailfish. I also want to see a little more fun in the letters.
    • |--|

      rernest {*wrote*}:
      Couple of things. First I really want to stick with a Blue Marlin and not a sailfish. I also want to see a little more fun in the letters.
      |--| ok will do do you like the design though? thank you

  • right now #15,21,27 are my front runners
  • I actually like the letter style on this. The fish in that box seems to cartoonish! Go check out nvillegas work. I wish I could somehow get this person to give me a design. his/her has some of the most awesome work I have seen!! They are doing one right now called "Bird Dog"
  • You are at least trying to incorporate the letters into the fish. The letters need to be a little more bold somehow. And also it is important to make the logo longer and shorter to fit on the back of a boat. What if the fish was more horizontal and the A went into the fin coming out of its back?
  • I am wondering if you could change the cartoon like water splashes to something more cutting edge?
  • Concept is interesting. Would like to see a Blue Marlin fish in the logo. feel like maybe the lighter blue of the fish needs to just be white and outlines in the Navy blue??
  • Not sure about the fish! We really want to use a Blue Marlin. Also maybe space it out a little tiny bit.
  • I am really leaning towards picking one with the AEI letters in it. I don't know if you have any ideas for that but would like to see it if you do. thx!
  • Every time you change it I like it better! My one concern know is that it is a boat name which may make it hard to fit because it is taller than it is long. Wondering if it could be stretched out and made longer?
  • GJR Your style is exactly what I like. There are 3 of us that are part of this international fishing team that all have to agree and so far i have myself and another on board for your logo. I am wondering because i like your style so much if you could try to come up with something else totally different but with your style i would love to see it.
    • GJR

      Thanks for your feedback! I've added #69 with a stylised marlin but with more conventional text for your initials.