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I have had a superb experience with and particularly with my final chosen designer Manders14. I was on a limited budget and was nervous and unsure about approaching someone I might find from the yellowpages or on a google search with their own design company. It seemed like too much money to go into something I may or may not like. I also liked the idea of a more democratic approach and receiving multiple entries from which to choose. So I took a chance with DesignContest, assured by their refund guarantee. I have to be honest, I expected more entries that I would like. While there ended up officially being 89 entries, really only about 30 of those were distinct (all the others were variants). And some of them were truly terrible. There were probably only three out of the total number of entries that I would have been OK with. I do, however, recognize the particular challenges of my contest, as it was a church with an unusual and distinctive identity and


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Winning design #89 by manders14, Logo Design for Anglican-Catholic Parish Needs Graceful Logo Contest
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designed by manders14

Project description

A logo that could be used for a variety of purposes: stationary, front of our weekly service leaflet, signage, website, brochures, and business cards, etc. +Vector format is a must, as it will need to be variety of sizes. +Not too simplistic or too complicated. Needs to have some interest, but not too busy. +One or two colors: dark red or dark blue would be great. Needs to look good in both color and black and white. +We write "Grace Church in Newark" in the Omnia font and are very happy with it, so something consistent would be great. +Adjectives which I hope the logo would reflect: graceful, elegant, reverent, interesting, thoughtful, traditional, but stylish and progressive. I have tried my hand at a few designs, but have not been satisfied. When I began as rector one year ago, I continued to use the old line-drawing of our historic church building, but it looks too old-fashioned and out-dated in my opinion. We have considered a cross and chalice design from the front of one of our altars, but it looked sadly like a wagon wheel. I have tried a thurible/censer, as it gets across our high church emphasis, but it seemed too narrow. We considered using chant neumes, but just couldn't get it to work right. Other symbols I've thought about: candle or sanctuary lamp, our altar carving, chalice and host, an update of our church building (not of the old line-drawing wood-etching type). If someone can combine a feeling of high liturgy and music/chant with a progressive feel that would seem ideal.

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  • Dear CH, I have made a black/white version of #21. Could you please request a revision to my design so I may upload same. Thank you in advance.
  • Might be good for another church, but doesn't fit ours. It seems too generic. We are trying to get across the uniqueness of our parish. I think for me, if you're going to use an architectural detail, it should be specific to Grace.
  • I still like this a lot. I like the simplicity of this original design, but I am conflicted about the huge blocks of black. The roof is better in this revision, but the central arch is also a lot of solid black. One idea I hope you might try, though I'm not sure I will like it or not until I see it: Start with the second picture down on our "Liturgy" tab on the website--it is a picture of our altar and reredos (the stone altar carving that rises up along the wall). Could you include a basic outline of the altar/reredos in white (like you've done with the woodwork) within the central black arch? And maybe the central cross and the medallion near the top that would unify it with the architecture? Anyway, I'd also love to see a totally different idea if you have one and are interested.
  • Still not.
  • Still not working for me.
  • Same comments apply here as on #12
  • I don't like the script. Too elegant. I think using a vestige of the building is an interesting idea, but this doesn't quite work for me. A little too much is missing.
  • I like this. Another contender. I'm not sure about the font, however. Also I think the front door needs a little cleaning up. I'd like to see another idea from you too, if you have one.
  • I am also submitting a version #11 with darker colours and crayon-like strokes to make it look hand-drawn so as to keep in line with the original church illustration on your website, but still trying to give it a more modern look. Hope you like it.
  • Dear CH, thanks for your feedback. I am submitting another version #10 of my previous design, based on your feedback. I have not used gradients or shadows on the church illustration to ensure large format printing is OK. I look forward to your feedback!
  • Dear CH, I have just entered a revision to my first design, #9 I hope you like it, feedback is appreciated! Thanks!
  • Again, I like the effort, but just doesn't work for me. Not elegant enough.
  • Don't like birds, musical notes, or family. Doesn't work all together. Maybe choose one direction a go with it.
  • This is ok. Don't like trees. Don't need to use both red and blue and black. Maybe with blue or red alone. Needs to be cleaner and sharper to stand out to me.
  • I like the effort here and the attempt to incorporate some meaningful symbols, but this version isn't working for me. It looks too cartoon-ish to me. And too many colors.
  • Not a bad design, but doesn't feel right for us. Looks too evangelical. Too generic. Nothing specific to our parish.
  • Not the feel of our church at all. All visual cues are off target. Don't like font.
  • Not the feel of our church at all. All visual cues are off target. Don't like font.
  • I like this. I think it needs a little cleaning up--there is a bulge on the left side of the central arch. It might use a couple of other tweaks, but I don't know how to communicate it. Is there too much solid black in the roof? Not sure. But i am pretty sure this will be a contender.
  • Could you try the church in a color as close as you can get to the actual stone? You can see a picture on our website under the "welcome" tab at the bottom.