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Winning design #108 by jackhox, Logo Design for Animal Welfare Approved Contest
Gold Medal

designed by jackhox

Project description

Seeking new logo/brand re-fresh for industry-leading farm certification program and food label, Animal Welfare Approved. AWA is the only food label in the marketplace that ensures pasture- and range-based management, responsible use of antibiotics, environmentally sustainable practices and family farming. This logo will be used on Certified AWA meat, dairy and eggs. See

 Design notes: 

  • Positive, inviting, clean, pastoral, holistic, human-animal-earth connection, stewardship

  • NO ANIMALS OR ANIMAL SILHOUETTES. We certify over 12 different animals and don't want to include all (or exclude some) so are omitting any animal imagery. 

  • OK to use other agricultural imagery to imply animal production - fencing, barns, etc. See images of livestock fencing in attachments (different than other fencing)

  • This logo should be a COMPLETE DEPARTURE from the former logo, attached. We're excited to see some fresh ideas, so have fun and go wild!

  • AWA is a program of A Greener World (AGW). AGW offers 2 other certifications in our growing family of trusted certifications, Certified Grassfed by AGW and Certified Non-GMO by AGW, below (see for reference)

  • Colors below are just suggestions, feel free to use others

  • Logos we like attached for reference, also see these links: 1) and 2)

Thanks so much,
A Greener World

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  • About #21, @pasukanmatiblog This is really nice - would it be possible for it to incorporate livestock fencing somehow?
    • About #21, @emily4 Thanks for feedback. Yups I will do it. but the contest was expired, I can't upload design.

    • About #21, @emily4 check here to see my new design with the addition of a livestock fencing

    • About #21, @emily4 check here to see my new design with the addition of a livestock fencing

    • About #21, @emily4 check link here to see my new design with the addition of a livestock fencing

  • how about this? #63
    • About #63, @wahyuandrepangestu5 Very nice!! One of our team was hoping to see it with some fencing and with the house off-center. Would you be able to do versions like that? Thank you so much!

    • About #63, @emily4 I will make changes to my design as you say, thanks for the feedback you give

  • About #63, @emily4
  • About #63, @emily4 yes i will
  • Hi Everyone, thank you so much! There are some really nice designs here. We're going through to look for any other modifications we'd like to see before we poll our constituents, and will be in touch. Again, we really appreciate all your hard work on this!
    • @emily4 I am willing to help in the revision to make it perfect logo for you. Please let me know if you need anything else. Sincerely, Anhlee

    • @emily4 I uploaded four different designs, Looking forward to hearing any news or your evaluation. Sincerely, Anhlee

  • Can you make a similar design of this one but take out the wheat images at the bottom of the outer circle? #7
  • Could you create a version of this logo that has only "Animal Welfare Approved" in the outer circle? #7
  • Could you use a different font for the "AWA" in center of logo? Something simple without the checkmark style "W". Also, would there be a way to incorporate blue into the logo? #55
  • Hidden name "AWA" in scenery in all of my entries,
    You can ask me changes in all/any entries. Thanks! #107
  • "PROFESSIONAL + OFFICIAL" Logos designed for you. You will own all the designs! #106
  • Simple version :) #105
  • Another option with fencing :) #101
  • @emily4 Hi, hope you like it, thank you. #98
  • @emily4 Hi Emily, Please take a look on my design #49, #48.
    If you need anything, just let me know.

  • yellow and black affirm a view picture logo #92
  • "This is called Logo"!
    It took me continuous 3 hours to design it!
    Waiting for your Feedback #88
  • A Scenery within an official Logo! #87
  • "Simple and Professional" (The Benifit of UniColored Logo, i,e can be used in any color relative to background or theme.) #86
  • "Official" Logo Unicolor (can be used in any color you want) #82
  • About #50, @junifer

    Nice - could we see it with some fencing imagery? Can be subtle. Thank you!
    • About #50, @emily4 hi Ch, thank you so much to your feedback. kindly check my new upload revise design as you requested. hope you like it :). your feedback and suggestion are greatly appreciated. thank you

      kind regards,