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Winning design #124 by ICEBERGDesigns, Logo Design for Contest
Gold Medal

designed by ICEBERGDesigns

Project description

Animer makes animated explainer videos for companies looking to explain their product/service, teach, sell etc.

We are looking for a makeover for the whole profile, starting with the logo, and we will eventually work out a new website with the logo as inspiration. Current website:

We want our whole profile to be associated with animation, with an animated "cartoon/animation" style logo, that we can further build our animated website upon. 

We have not decided color yet

Feel free to play with the logo. Would love to see it represent animation and video in the design somehow. :)

Animer means Animate in english

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  • nice #222
  • nice #221
  • there is moving happy human #219
  • please check my design :) #204
  • About #172, @ICEBERGDesigns Can it jump from the " i "? We like the rest of the logo, maybe try something else that is "animation"?
  • Still like this. Is it possible to include ".no" somehow? #195
  • Hello,
    Kindly Check Design #203
  • Hello,
    I've changed my original design idea from the "drawn" look into a more clean sleek style. What do you think about it now?
    Samantha #195
  • please check my design.

    do not hesitate to let me know if you have any questions.

    best regards #194
  • PLS CHECK #181
  • hello,please check my entry 175
  • hi, I added my design there, I'd be happy for your feedbacks, best regards #176 #177 #178
  • please check #173
    thank you....
  • Dear Sir,
    Check My Two New Design #170 & #171
  • Hi @tjoste, how about this #166 or #165.


    [ JOBZ]
  • We like this, can you try put the A guy to just stand normal, and make him open his eyes more?
    Can the dot on the " i " be replaced with the .no dot, and make it bounce from the " i " and in place at . no #124
    • @tjoste please don't ask other designers to use my concept idea. If you want to see any change to my design just let me know. KIND REGARDS

    • @Jobzz Yeh sorry about that. We like you 2's designs the best so far. About the font, I dont know what to tell you, but look at the other logo and maybe you will understand what I like about that font? Thanks

  • We like the idea of having the dot animated, but the font is not really what we are looking for
    • About #127, @tjoste what font style are you you looking?

  • Update of #124 #163