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I love using these contest sites, as they allow me to receive a variety of creative ideas to choose from! It was incredibly easy to use and I had fun interacting with the designers. Thank you!

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Winning design #22 by kristijp, Logo Design for Anji Kat Contest
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designed by kristijp

Project description

I am a singer/songwriter whose songs are introspective and uplifting messages of self-love and acceptance, stories of trials and subsequent transformation through self-empowerment.  

I need a logo (which may or may not include a tagline or keyword, I'm open to exploring options) for online and print materials for my brand.  My performing name is Anji Kat and my business is Singing Spirit.  Definitely would like my name incorporate and Singing Spirit could potentially be the tagline/tagword in the logo as well.

Things to keep in mind:  while I consider myself to be a singer/songwriter, a better description would be that I am an ALCHEMIST.  I take words, melody, inspiring messages and themes and meld them together to create a musical experience that will sing straight to the heart and soul of humanity.  

We are all divine alchemists, really, sometimes walking through FIRE, calling forth the SPARK within to create/transform our lives into a life of beauty, love, joy, adventure and meaning.  I believe we do this by embracing all the pieces and parts of our being, the rough and jagged edges, the dark and the light, the mistakes and the victories, trials and transformation--like putting tiny colorful pieces together to make a beautiful mosaic or stained-glass window.  Each piece by itself has inherent worth and beauty, but when viewed as a whole we see and know the masterpiece that we truly are.

I love the elements of fire and water, images that invoke the idea of the divine spark within.  When I think of alchemy, I think of the sun, bright orange (one of my fav colors), constantly moving and churning with intensity, but ever constant, warm, light and life-giving.  I believe our lives are a grand playground where we get to experiment, try new things, feel a wide range of emotions as we experience an ever wider range of experiences.  And we have incredible power to transform ourselves and our lives each and every moment, and when we claim this divine power, it is pure GOLD.

While I selected colors below, please don't let those limit you. Think in shades of sun, sunset, fire, flames, and water/ocean blues.  I included the cover of my debut CD, which features a mosaic guitar, which I love, but that's just to give you an idea of the colors and "mosaic" theme I've referenced above. The logo does NOT have to be a mosaic, its just the one visual concept of my over-arching message.

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  • About #33, @Rios
    Thank you for your submission! I like the top one best, as I think the fonts are much easier to read and will translate well to t-shirts and other promo materials. I wonder if you can change the color from grey to the orange color that you have in the lower left? I'm thinking that might look better. Thanks!
  • About #43, @VirtueDesigns
    Thank you for your submission. I like your guitar, and the colors used are great, depicting that melding aspect of alchemy. The fonts used for the names seem a little common, and I would love to see something a little more unique. Likewise, while I do like the guitar, I'm concerned that the flaming body is a little too much and hard to discern that it is supposed to be a guitar. Thank you!
  • About #29, @forget41forget
    Thank you for your submission. This is a lovely design, very feminine and artistic! I'm not sure it has enough reference to the fire element, and I have to say that I'm not a fan of the font used for "singing spirit". Thanks!
  • About #44, @forget41forget
    Very cool idea. I like the guitar quite a bit (particularly the one on the black background), as it depicts the idea of alchemy well. I'm afraid that with it directly behind my name, it makes my name hard to read in both instances. Perhaps it should be off to the side or underneath? Thank you!
  • About #35, @meetwicki
    Thank you for all your submissions. While they are all very well crafted, the only one that speaks to me is #35. The rest aren't quite a good depiction of me, particularly the ones with the male figure in them. (since I am a female). I'm more of an acoustic artist as well, so electric guitars are not a true reflection of me. Thanks!
  • About #40, @DForce
    Thank you for all your submissions! Very unique and funky! My biggest concern is that the font is a little hard to read, and in some cases, its hard to determine that the shape drawn is that of a guitar. Cool ideas though!
  • To all designers:
    Thank you for all your submissions! Many of these have great elements that I really really like, and while I have indicated via ratings and feedback the kinds of things that I like and don't like, please don't let that discourage you from thinking outside the box and doing something a little more unique and different to what has been submitted previously. If you have another idea for how you would interpret my contest brief, let's see it! Great job thus far everyone! We have 3 days left and I have enjoyed seeing all your creativity! Keep going!
  • Well I've been looking at the brief and the submissions..and I'm going to pass on this contest, I just don't do those kind of designs.. I know what looks good and I'm not sure i'd be good at that kind of logo look. It's not what I do... thanks for letting me try though. I've been at this long enough to know when it's not going to be a good fit. And I want to like the designs I make.. so I wish you the very best of luck with your music. You sound passionate and that's so important!!
  • Hi Anji, Thanks for the feedback.. I will see if I can improve it.. Thanks .. I'm sure you'll find some design that's good for you.
  • This is my 1st attempt. I'm afraid I'm not new to these types of design sites and know how they work. Clients always go on and on about what kind of design they think they want and when designers make that.. they almost never choose that look.. they usually always go with something they never looks like what they described in their brief.. they may start off that way..but almost always choose something different.. Anyway.. that being said.. one thing i don't want you to do is tell others designers to LOOK at my design and make it this way or that.. if there's something about my design you like.. you tell me NOT them.. Sorry but I'm not sitting here working for free so other people can work from my ideas.. It's hard enough getting chosen on these sites.. but I have been making art, cd and record covers for some time.. and I know you don't always get what you want.. so if you don't like this look. that's ok too. Your going to choose what you like and that's ok. Thanks for the contest and best of luck on your music. #24
  • About #17, @kristijp
    Wowsers! Cool stuff! After comparing all of them, I think I like the font you used for "Anji Kat" featured in #14 (the flamey or airbrush effect on #16 and #17 turned out to be too much for me). I do like the font for "singing spirit" featured in #17, and I love the watermark also. Just for fun, take a look at design #11...I like the look of the font they used for "Anji Kat" there, it looks flowy, and yet powerful. Keep going! This is great stuff!!
    • @anjikat Thanks! So I've kept the new font for 'singing spirit" from 17, and modified the main font for #14 to be more flowy. Of course, all fonts I use for the main part are modified specifically to fit the layout I created and to be original to your logo. Let me know what you think about #20 -Kristi

    • @kristijp Yes! Much better! Top contender! :-) I'm not sure if there is anything else I would want you to change at this point. I'm still reviewing ideas from other artists, and just open to ideas that are possible. The only other idea I'm floating around with is not having the guitar be the icon, but rather something that depicts more of the fire element. Design #18 is an interesting idea with the flame icon. I LOVE the look and feel of your guitar icon, but I'm just curious about it being more flame/fire-like or even doing a flame/fire icon that has small flames breaking off and morphing into musical notes and/or little mandalas or star bursts (suggesting a reference to spirituality) Would you be open to trying something like that that has the same look and feel as this entry? Really great work!! Thank you for participating! #20

    • @anjikat Sorry I haven't gotten back to you sooner! Just noticed this comment. I'll try to put some more emphasis on the flame side of the guitar. My initial concept was the guitar being created out or the flame and then the smooth blue side representing the water. I'll also see what I can come up with as far as the other concept you mentioned goes, maybe I'll have a spark of genius while I'm working! :) I just didn't want to over-complicate it so that you could still use it small, and in one color for lots of different purposes. -Kristi

    • @kristijp I really appreciate it, and LOVE the new design with more flames on the right side of the guitar! And I appreciate you keeping it simple, because it really works well as a stand-alone picture too. I just was curious what you could come up with in regards to the other concept, because I like your style. :-) Thanks so much!

  • About #23, @rb124
    Thank you for your submission! I really love the font for my name and like the overall look! I'm not sure the blue line in the middle of the guitar is supposed to represent? I'm also concerned that the "singing spirit" is a little too small compared to the font of my name. Keep going!
  • Best one yet! Love that it's more flame and the "sunburst" in the middle. Great job! #22
  • LOGO #23
  • About #21, @Rios
    Thanks for your submission! Nice idea and the colors and combinations work well. I'm not fond of the fonts used, and for the picture, I'd prefer either a guitar, and/or fire or flames and less noticeable music notes. Keep trying!
  • Yes! Much better! Top contender! :-)
  • About #19, @dagirl
    Hmmm...I actually like #18 better. This one looks a little cartoonish, especially the font for "Anji Kat". I was actually thinking about the one flame actually looking more like a fire and each flame that breaks off would morph into a musical note, if that makes sense. I'm afraid that the flames look more like raindrops here rather than fire. I still like the concept though, so keep playing with it!
  • About #18, @dagirl
    Oooo, cool! I like the concept with the flame! Not sure about the guitar in the middle of it though. What about some dancing flames and as they reach the top, they break off into little flame musical notes? I love the color and how you made the whole thing look like its glowing...nice touch! Would like a little more flowy font (I like to steer away from anything that looks to close to typewriter font). Keep working!
  • About #10, @kristijp
    Very cool! Love the colors, love the guitar and I love how you incorporated Singing Spirit. The watermark of the guitar and initials are a nice touch too. This is definitely a contender, although I would like to see perhaps some different font choices for the name and for Singing Spirit. The name "Anji Kat" seems a little "childlike" (sorry, not sure how to describe it.) The "n" looks weird to me, so I'm just curious what some additional fonts might be like. Great work!
    • @anjikat Thanks for your feedback and kind words. I'm working on some font variations for you. Let me know what you think about #12, if it's moving in the correct direction. I'll be happy to keep trying things out for you. -Kristi

    • About #12, @kristijp
      I like this font better for the name, although I liked the more orangey color used in the previous design. I also like the previous "singing spirit" font, but it still feels a little too "clinical". Maybe something a little more zen-like? Love the guitar! Keep going!

    • @anjikat I did some new variations, trying to get more away from clinical. I also changed the orange color. I did try out a different font for the singing spirit part but I can easily go back to the original if you'd like to see that. I appreciate all your great feedback.

  • To all designers: We're definitely getting some great submissions here, and I look forward to lots of additional creative ideas! I'd like to encourage you to remember the idea of alchemy: using fire to transform one thing into another more highly prized object. In this case, we use the magic and fire of our experiences to transform ourselves in to better human beings in this thing called "life". I use alchemy when transforming words and music into a magical experience for individuals, inspiring them to embrace their power and the beauty of their true selves. So key words might be: fire, magic, music, transformation, alchemy, divine inspiration, etc.

    Also, I'd love to have a design that incorporates a picture that embodies the essence of what I do and what I stand for, and that picture can also be used as a stand-alone logo OR a logo that includes my name. Both ideas are welcomed and encouraged. Thank you!