Annual Girls Weekend 2016

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Winning design #181 by Asiral, Logo Design for Annual Girls Weekend 2016 Contest
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designed by Asiral

Project description

So, we are looking for a logo to represent an annual event. Every year myself and my 3 best friends go away for a weekend together. We refer to it as our "Annual Girls Weekend" or AGW for short. Here are the details for our next trip:

- Will be in 2016 

- This is our 8th annual trip

- We are headed to Gatlinburg, TN

A bit about the 4 of us:

We're all mid thirties, very sarcastic, loud when we are together, and like to have fun and laugh a lot. We are also very independent and strong willed at the same time! :) We love the Red Sox & New England Patriots, are “dog moms” and think of each other as family by choice. We all grew up together in Sandwich, MA on Cape Cod. We're a little bit vintage with a little bit modern, a little bit country and a little bit city!

About us individually:

C = favorite color yellow

E = favorite color green

H = favorite color sky blue

K = favorite color purple

You can use any of the following in the logo design:

-our first initials (C, E, H, & K)


-Annual Girls Weekend or AGW or AGW8 or AGW 2016

- 8

- Gatlinburg or Gatlinburg, TN or Gatlinburg, Tennessee

- if you use one of the favorite colors listed above, please try to use all 4 somehow if you can. If it looks terrible, than otherwise just pick fun bright colors.  I selected colors below to give you an idea - it doesn't have to be that exact hue I selected, but overall wanted to convey that we are going for bright colors (not pastels, not army green, etc)


About Gatlinburg:

-       Located In Smoky Mountains of Tennessee

-       Lots of log cabins

-       rustic 

Please don't use the following: not cartoony, or fonts that look like paintbrush strokes or overly cursive. Clean would be nice. We are girly but really low key at the same time. We're jeans and comfy shirt type for the most part unless we need to get dressed up which then we are happy to do so.

Not sure yet if this will be used on a baseball hat, poster print outs, coffee mugs, beer steins, scarf, pillow, etc .,so keep it versatile please (is that possible?)

Update: Added photos below to show you ideas for color, texture, different ideas. Get creative!

Update #2: We are getting a lot of circular logos ... moving forward can you try not to go for that look? We had that last year and are looking to branch out this year. 

Update #3: Try to stick to the 4 colors requested + accent base color of white or black. I am seeing a lot of red which we don't want. Also, Please just show us the logos as is - don't put them on shirts - it's easier to see them as is. Thanks!

Update #4: Extra ideas  -- Most folks are emphasizing the AGW8 - don't be afraid to emphasize Gatlinburg, Tennessee and make the AGW8 smaller as well. There is no right or wrong here - we are just looking for diversity. Also, if you want to use Roman Numerals or  work the 8 into the G those are some ideas that have popped up along the way.  Another idea is to have the G intersect for Gatlinburg and AGW.

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