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Winning design #68 by sikdesigns, Logo Design for Annual Girls Weekend Contest
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designed by sikdesigns

Project description

So, I am looking for a logo to represent an annual event. Every year myself and my 3 best friends go away for a weekend together. We usually refer to it as our "Annual Girls Weekend" or AGW for short. Here are the details for our next trip:

- Will be in 2015 
- This is our 7th annual trip
- We are headed to Williamsburg (VA)
- Probably will go to Busch Gardens, tour Williamsburg, the William & Mary College and maybe a winery or two. We definitely love to eat our way through our weekends!

A bit about the 4 of us:
We're all mid thirties, sarcastic, loud when we are together, and like to have fun and laugh a lot. We are also very independent and strong willed at the same time! :) We all grew up on Cape Cod and love the Red Sox & NE Patriots. We're a little bit vintage with a little bit modern, a little bit country and a little bit city!

About us individually:
C = favorite color yellow, racecar (nascar) fan
E = favorite color green,  dachshund owner
H = favorite color sky blue, baseball fan
K = favorite color purple, movie buff

You can use any of the following in the logo design:
-our first initials (C, E, H & K)
-Annual Girls Weekend or AGW or AGW15
- 7
- Williamsburg or Williamsburg, VA
- if you use one of the favorite colors listed above, please try to use all 4 somehow if you can. If it looks terrible, than otherwise just pick fun bright colors. 

Please don't use the following: not cartoony, or fonts that look like paintbrush strokes or overly cursive. Clean would be nice. We are girly but really low key at the same time so don't think you are dealing with 4 women who walk around in stilettos - that's not us! We're jeans and comfy shirt type for the most part unless we need to get dressed up which then we are happy to do so.

Not sure yet if this will be used on t-shirt, poster print outs, coffee mugs, beer steins, etc so keep it versatile please (is that  possible?)

Lastly, I know this is a lot of information to give you and I don't expect you to use all of it by any means  but I wanted to give you as much information as I could so you could get a feel of the 4 of us as a group and as individuals. I'm really open minded so be creative! 

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  • It was a nice and interesting competition. Thank you for your cooperation. I wish you all the best. Goodbye.
    • @bgcreative Thank you! I'm so glad to hear you enjoyed the competition! Thanks for all your great designs! I thought yours were one of the most unique ones in originality and ideas! I loved every minute of working with you all and appreciate everyone's hard work!

  • see comments for 97

  • colors for the letters need to be changed C=yellow E = green H = blue K = purple #97
    • http://okey...ill change it,thanks for comment About #97, @AGWLogo

  • Can you change the yellow so the H on the white background stands out more? Also VA needs to be capitalized. Thank you! #96
  • YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING! We have 3 hours 45 minutes left and this is wide open - we are at 95 entries - let's get it to 100! If you are a new designer to the contest, WELCOME! Please feel free to put something together - try not to look at the already awesome ideas put forth. We love ORIGINALITY! Keep it up guys! Way to go!
  • This is great - please add color! #77
  • Looking good! Can you please put 2 initials on either side of the 7 and add some color to the words? Thanks! #81
  • Would it be possible to add VA next to Williamsburg and possibly add some color? Thank you! #77
  • Correct. I hope you like it :)
  • Correct. I hope you like it :) #78
  • Can you add more color to this in the font? #70
  • About #75, yes, I'm changing it :)
  • Can you add more color to the design in the words or the little bullet points on the side? Also can you add all 4 colors mentioned in the brief? Thanks! #73
  • This is great! Two things: Can you make the yellow bolder, can you make the initials White so you can see them better? And can you add a touch more yellow in the 7? Thanks! #75
  • 7 stars means for change "7". I hope you like it :) #74
  • I hope you like it :) #73
  • About #69,Thank You for the comments, I'm working on the changes you mentioned.
  • And maybe put the CEKH on either side of the 7. #69
  • Can you change the font and make the colors more vibrant? I can't really pick up on the green. Thank you for doing this - no one else has incorporated this idea yet! #69
  • I hope you like it #70