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Project description

We are a boutique financial advisory, investment consulting and US Tax advisory firm, looking for our first logo.

 Our name is Anoqua Ltd., a word play chosen for its uniqueness and derived from: (a) Ano meaning  ‘above’ in Greek and (b) qua meaning ‘ the capacity or character of’.  We would like to focus on the fact that Anoqua is a personal financial services firm that provides its clients with superior– more than what would usually be expected - results.

 We intend our tag line to be ‘Think Forward’ but are open to other suggestions should you wish to explore options.  Our office is located in Cyprus, and our customer base is global.

We are looking for a clean and simple looking logo and would appreciate that it reflects and conveys the added value we look to create for our clientele.

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  • Simple A lettermark modern look logo design. Please check this entry. #582
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  • Hallo @gt1
    Pelase feedback to my design. thank you :) #551
  • a #542
  • Think forward ;) #513
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  • Hello. #506
  • hope you like it #502
  • please feedback me,, #501
  • a #497
  • please check, how about this one? #490
  • how about this ? #467
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      @art_o very nice!

  • Dear CH, here another submission, thanks for feedback. #461
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      @superbeam When I said fonts, I meant letter's characters - close to yours Thank you

  • simple arrow with golden ratio #460
  • Hi CH, I hope you like this. Please give your feedback. Thanks. :)

    Bes regards,
    Abd. Wahab #445
  • how about this one? #420
  • gt1
    As the name is not ordinary, It must be easily read.
    Marks should be very simple, do not trying to made complex signals.

    Thank you any way!
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    stop entering the same thing! #407
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  • please check, how about this one? #398