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Rey Design produced a logo as per specifications along with their own creativity and was very good in altering the final designs, even with multiple changes. Thank you very much.

AU$360 paid

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Winning design #216 by ReeyDesigns, Logo Design for Anson Advisory Contest
Gold Medal

designed by ReeyDesigns

Project description

The company is a consulting firm specialising in Business, then Environmental and Agribusinesses (in order of priority/importance). Logo needs to be simple but catchy and clever, 2-dimensional, no background, probably 1-3 simple strong colours, as logo will also go on shirts & other merchandise.

I'm thinking along the lines of a graph showing growth, possibly using the two 'A's from the name.

I have already done quite a few logo drafts but not happy with any of them. I have attached them so you know what not to do, but can improve on the graph-type drafts.

The colours picked below are only a suggestion to show strong colours.

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  • Hi CH sorry it wrongly posted here. #243
  • Hi CH please rate and feedback to my entries #238
  • Hi CH please rate and feedback to my design i hope you like them alot #239
  • can you make the white background logo fill the whole page like the two bottom designs. thks #221
    • @stirling Ch respectable, according to your request I've made a design #227 #229, I hope ch like, thank you ...

    • nxz

      @stirling, ihave my revision for #215, see #231

  • nxz
    About #215, @nxz
    I realized it looked liked the "microsoft finance icon".. i saw it in windows 8 start menu..
  • Please examined, thank you for your vote ... #227
  • can you make the logo fill the whole page. thks #126
  • very good. can you make the logo fill the page more as I don't need as much space around the outside. can you also put the small single coloured circle logo in each in their own image or will you do this if you win? thks #190
  • very good. can you make the writing in blue and same font as #205 with the dashes either side of 'advisory'. Can you also make the logo fill the whole page, I don't need white space around the outside. thks #222
  • very good. can you make the 'advisory' font a little smaller but not as small as #217. can you also remove the black & orange logo and make it a blue background (same blue as the logo in the top) with white writing & orange & white triangle logo. #215
  • nxz
    Pls check my updates regarding your request,, #217 & #215
  • Improving the just checked, thank you ... #221
  • nxz
    here is another version of your request for item #169 #217
  • nxz
    good day @stirling,
    from #169.. as you requested.. #215
  • Looks great. can you make the orange a little brighter like #206. #126
  • Looks great. can you try putting the words on the right side of the logo and try a font like #126. thks #169
  • Hello @stirling , any feedback about my design (#199 #200 #213 #212) would be very helpful. If you want to see any change just let me know.


    [ JOBZ ]
  • orange a little brighter,thanks #194
  • what about this update?.. #190
  • simple and clean, #181