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Winning design #107 by Zenn, Logo Design for Anti-Hunger Run logo Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Zenn

Project description

Food for Orphans is a charity that holds exciting Anti Hunger Runs with students across the USA to raise money to feed hungry orphans. Our target audience is students (elementary, middle, high, and college). Of course school administrators will be the ones we have to appeal to. Our websites are and The logo should look professional and not funny. Fun is OK and so is serious. I would prefer one that is more landscape (wide) than one that is portrait (tall).It should include the name "Anti Hunger Run" or "Anti-Hunger Run" and a smaller "Food for Orphans" This logo will be used to promote, identify, and brand our Anti Hunger Run.

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  • ceo
    I get the significance of the bowl. But it just doesn't work. The person looks slike they are falling down. Keep trying with a different approach. You have talent.
  • ceo
    Delete the blue swish. Make the runners smaller. Change the Anti Hunger Run font. Food for Orphans should be in Rage Italic font. ("for" in lower case)
  • ceo
    Runner should face the other way, towards the name. I think the runner is too fat.
  • ceo
    Also, the Anti Hunger RUn should be in non-script font.
  • ceo
    interesting. I would like to see the runners a little closer together and the Anti Hunger Run in a different font. Very nice.
  • ceo
    Good. Try it with only one runner. and try a different font for Hunger Run.
  • clipart is not allowed Also this looks to not be completely vector,1316621711,4/tration-85085842.jpg
  • clipart is not allowed!!! Please, read our guidelines!,1312373221,2.jpg
  • Hello, Please see my submission (#54). It is clean, simple, and professional. Do not hesitate to make any suggestions for edits. I would be more than happy to adjust the logo to meet your needs. Best Regards, Corey
  • I'm sorry I forgot the slogan. If you like my design I will make onother design with the slogan. Regards
  • mock-ups are not allowed in logo contest unless requested by contest holder.
  • Hello CH, I have submitted #34 for your consideration. If this direction is to your liking please let me know. All elements can be adjusted.
  • Dear CEO, Please see my first entries, based on a running shoe print alongside an orphans footprint encompassed within a heart to show compassion #31, #32, and #33. I think this would look very cool on a T Shirt. Kind regards, Liz
  • Dear CH, Please see #24. I've modified #4 to remove the swoosh, change the font for Anti Hunger Run, use Rage Italics for Food for Orphans and reduce the size of the runners.
  • Dear CH, Thank you for your valuable feedback. The logo icon of #6 and #15 contain three runners that also represent 'a', 'h' and 'r' of 'Anti Hunger Run'. They are not simply three runners. :)Hope this idea is okay with you. I ll try some variations, however, as per your comments. Thank you, sanjeebsks204
  • Hello CH, do you want the logo to incorporate the logo used for your organization? Just trying to clarify before posting. Much thanks From this?
  • Hello CH, here #19 is another design for you. I've changed font like you ask and made runners closer to each other. Hope you will like it. Thanks
  • RC3
    Greetings, I wanted to include some imagery that could b related to food with the running man logo. I was thinking lunchbox at first, but the basket looked better to me. Let me know what you think! it's design #75
  • clipart is not allowed in logo contests, the art you used is found here
  • Hello! I submitted another entry... #64! Feel free to let me know what you think!