Happy with with the choices I was presented with. End up choosing a simple but professional logo that portraits what our company stands for. Thank you all !

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Winning design #113 by BMedia, Logo Design for ANTONIO N NOBREGA NEW LOGO DESIGN Contest
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Project description

We are building a new warehouse and retail facilities and we need an update in our image, we have our logo (attached) and we want to use the same principles in that logo so that people can still identify us. We are now embracing a more sustainable approach and we would like to pass that image too. At first, we are looking to develop our identity, with new logo, we would like to maintain the "island" and "sun" from our initial logo in some other way if possible. We need an evolution, not a brand new image. We need the name Antonio N. Nobrega in the Logo or/ and the name ANN

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  • Dear CH, About #37, #38 I try to keep fatories of your previous logo but I develope it to make it pro and strong for a your branding. I did logo abtract style. I hope you like it. Thanks
  • About #34 Hi CH, I represent the new concept logo, as a basis of my work the age of your company of 50 years has served!!!... I have tried to show it an impress of a seal which many years have served the companies and during too time to show island and солце as a part of updating and hope of success in the future. Thanks!
  • Dear Contest Holder, I modified the images of mountain and sun as the roof of warehouse with warm sunbeam over it. Please give comments if available. Thanks and regards
  • Hi ther CH, It's my pleasure to join and to present my idea and designs in this contest that you offer and thank you! Any comments is well appreciated. Sincerely, Robert
  • We sell essential meat so this corn is not adequate here..
  • We don't allow the use of background colors unless specifically requested by the contest holder. Please resubmit your design entry on a white background.
  • Lets focus on tradition and experience. We need a logo that is respectful . It cant be too playful, need to demonstrate an affirmative posture. Have a look at Victor Churchill Butcher is Australia and Vics Meat in Australia. Donald Russell Meats in the UK . They all have a strong imagine through their logo. Cheers!
  • We don't allow the use of background colors unless specifically requested by the contest holder. Please resubmit your entry on a white background.
  • This looks more like a holiday logo
  • The font need to be more affirmative. Not sure about the logo..
  • Our actual can be seen as an "example" on the first page of the logos.
  • I don't see any attachment. Provide the previous logo
  • DnC
    Dear C. Holder. With this I submit my design number #12. The design much utilizes scenery of a ranch, which I think will suitable with your warehouse image. The color utilizes your previous color, which is bright and soothing. While for the ANN logo, I tried to find the most similar but a bit more assertive without diminishing the original version. The last I took the freedom to put since 1961, I know you didn’t mention it in the brief. I feel that this can enhance the consumer awareness of your precious 50 years experience in the business. Please feel correct me, if I’m mistaken. Thank you before.
  • were is the attached file..
  • May i know where can i view the previous logo?
  • about #11 I made this logo for you, yellow circle interpretation of the sun, the triangle (from the letter A, N), means the island (mountain) and the line across the A, means a river flow on the land, representation of a fertile islands.. hope you like it.
  • About #7 :) The palm tree was my interpretation of what you meant by "island" from your original logo. My apologies. What other images do you wish to incorporate?
  • The palm tree is totally out of context. We sell meat and food products . In this logo it appeals to holidays..
  • Its not there yet.. we would like the sun in there as we are afraid to loose the attention of our previous logo.. it would be great if we have the same colors as the first logo. Our brand needs also to be strong..our 50 years in the market have to be present..
  • what do you mean by a strong logo?