Appalachian Vapor Co.

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Winning design #6 by csoki, Logo Design for Appalachian Vapor Co. Contest
Gold Medal

designed by csoki

Project description

Appalachian Vapor Co. is a start-up company that handcrafts high quality, all natural e-juices (liquid that goes into e-cigarettes, portable vaporizers, etc.). We are located in North Carolina, the original tobacco country. The logo design we are looking for does not need to exactly convey the theme of "Appalachia, North Carolina, Tobacco Country, etc", but those designs are welcomed. As an e-commerce business, brand is everything. That's why having a quality logo is so important to us. As of yet we do not have a specific color scheme in mind. We look forward to seeing what talented designers can come up with. Possible themes for the logo include BUT ARE NOT LIMITED TO: -Mountain landscape (Appalachia) -Science/Chemistry (Vaping is an activity that uses cutting edge technology) -Clouds (Our e-juice provides large visual clouds of vapor. For many, these clouds are essential in their vaping experience) As stated above, these are only IDEAS. Any others that you can come up with are all looked at with an unbiased and open mind. WE are not experts on design. YOU are.

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  • Logo isn't very easy on the eyes and this font isn't exactly what we're looking for, but I appreciate your submission!
  • Thanks for the entries. Love what you did here.
  • We were hoping for something more creative. Thank you for your submission.
    • Thank you for the feedback! I will see if I can come up with something more along the design you're looking for.

  • Hey, can i have some opinions on my vintage style design, #10 - Alex
    • |--|

      AlexHoflin {*wrote*}:
      Hey, can i have some opinions on my vintage style design, #10 - Alex
      |--| Hi Alex, thanks for your submission. I really like what you've done with this design. I'm not the biggest fan of the font and also the graphic of North Carolina seems to be a bit crooked. Also if "VAPOR CO." could be maybe a bit larger. It seems a bit small and dwarfed by the other elements. Other than that. you're on the right track!

    • I made the text, so it's not really a font. I will try something else and then submit! - Alex