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Looking for professional logo for a staffing/direct hire company. We mainly focus on healthcare professionals but do not want to pigeon hole ourselves. For the future we would like to be doing all career levels and industries. Our tagline which could go in the logo if it looks right is.... "Your Needs, Our Expertise - Aligned" Placing a professional in a career opening/opportunity. Sending over a person to fill a position. This logo should attract candidates as well as clients who are paying the placement fees. We are open to color and just really want creative approach!

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  • Hi tammys please give some feedback for my entry thanks
  • I like it. Can you play off the tag line. Thanks, your doing great.
  • Dear CH, please take a look at my updated design #52. I have added some purple shades to it -please give feedback :)
  • Does applause can be some game like #17, some feedback about that? Thanks CH.
    • sure show me what you got, play with different healthcare symbols and and hands as well. Give some bright colors to make it pop. thanks so much

  • Look at my new entry #29. Tell me if you like it and provide me some feedback. :)
    • I love the hombre effect. Play with more colors and symbols. your on the right track . Keep going!

  • Great job. Play with more different colors and effects. All your work is looking good. Thanks and keep up the good job.
  • Great job. I really like the Hombre effect. Can you play with the colors, make them bright. Thanks Your on the track keep going!
  • great job, keep playing with the symbol and the colors. I like the brightness. you are getting very close. Keep up the good job. Thanks
  • Your on right track. Love the A with the hands. Can you brighten up the colors. make them pop. Thanks. Keep up the good work
  • your doing great. love the colors. keep going. Thanks
  • You are doing so good. I really like the colors you are working with on all of them. Keep up the great work. I like the symbols too, I would like to see more of your ideas. Thanks so much
  • Hey Kidray, its looking great. The colors pop, great job. Can you try some hombre effects. Thanks. Keep up the good work!
  • I really like, your on the right track. Can you play with brighter colors and maybe some hombre effects. Thanks
  • This is my favorite Color of Blue.. if we go with Blue!
    • Did you want to see more of that blue in it? Or the logo with various shades of blue

    • Hi, maybe different shades of purple. play with color

  • I like it very much. maybe different hands and play with colors like lavenders, and yellow. something that might stand out but bright as well. Thanks
  • Your on the track. We like the hands, but maybe something smaller with more color. Thanks
  • your on the right track, i like the colors. play with the hands and add a design for healthcare. Thanks
  • Hello, It looking very good. Can you play with the color, maybe lavender or something. Also, the cross needs to be smaller. Thanks your doing great.
  • Really liking this! Can we see if we can incorporate something into the hands... or definitely make the C in HealthCare a capital letter. Maybe try some soothing colors.. but so far. This is my favorite!
    • Hi tammys please see my update design #23 #24 thanks

  • Hello, We are liking it. The shading is going to have to be different or not at all sorry it makes it look a little blurry. Can you give us some vibrant colors like maybe yellows, purples, oranges, florescent. Thanks, your on the right track