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Winning design #74 by packman81, Logo Design for APPSOFT EXPERT LOGO Contest
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designed by packman81

Project description

Our company is focused on bringing worldwide users the BEST EXPERIENCE by selecting the right quality mobile apps. Logo should represent combination of three words: Application, Software and Expert. We would welcome integrating our slogan "save your time & energy". Expert character should be used in a logo. Possible use as a future mascot on the website & our mobile app. We prefer more 3D designed logos and our logo should be more personificated with the character/mascot with human features. Favourite colours are Blue, Gold, Red, Black but we don't require using them, there can be used more colours if you need them for your high quality design. ........ 1. We are Experts in Selection of desired Mobile Applications. 2. The Expert character should be "neutral age" to cover our target market age group (15 - 60 years) 3. The Expert character does not have to be shown with a full body as the logos with a character standing above the company name, looks too wide. 4. Please consider an option to move a character behind the name of the company (new sample logo "The Block All Star"). The logo going to be used on the website as well as our mobile app and promotional materials (business cards, T-shirt etc.)

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  • Dear all, thank you for participation in our contest. We are still open to new logo ideas. We won´t limit your imagination with our feedback for now. All entries are much appreciated. Thank you!
  • Hi All, We would prefer more 3D logos and personification of our logo by using an expert character/mascot who would represent our company. Thank you very much.
  • Thank you for your entry. We really like your graphic design but I would say it doesn't fit much in our IT industry. Is there any way how to transform your logo more in IT? Thanks.
    • Dear CH, Thank you for the feedback. I have submitted #14 for your review. I know it might be a streach..but I was really going hard for the mascot/idea you suggested in your brief by with the picture you added. No problem if it just doesn't work...can try again. Thanks regards, vet87usaf

  • Nice 3D but doesn't say much about our company.
  • Thank you for following our requirements from our Brief. Recently we added a sample logo what we like so please have a look. We prefer more human features then robot characters. We like the idea put the character into the mobile app icon. We think the logo concept #13 match our IT industry.
  • Too simple. Try to use more 3D efects. Thank you.
  • Very good idea but font is not clear enough maybe try to implement some kind of rating what we do for mobile apps. Thanks
  • Hi there, thank you for your entries. You've put together some great ideas but we require more human features than robot characters. Also the font of #8 is not clear enough. Thanks.
  • Hi CH, Thank you for the ratings, may i know what is your review/opinion to improve my entry. Thank you and its a pleasure working with you.
  • Hi CH, Any feedback for my entry #13? Thanks in advance.
  • Thank you for your new entry. Very good idea but it needs to be more serius for the industry we're workning in. What about to try character like a person (expert) maybe with glasses and magnifying glass looking at the problem to solved. Thank you.
    • Not a problem...Thanks for the nice comments..sorry it doesn't fit with what your looking for. Looks like another designer bet me to you suggestion. Best wishes for the contest. regards vet87usaf

    • I have submitted #23 and #24 for your consideration. I tried to go they way you suggested. Threw in the moble app concept in accordance with your brief. Comments most welcome. Regards vet87usaf

  • #21 Thank you for your rating :) Can you please provide suggestions an how to improve my design, thank you again!
    • Nice logo but the character should be in neutral age and the logo looks too wide. Logo doesn't show that we are experts in Selection of desired Mobile Apps. Thank you for your effort.

  • About #33 Great 3D design, but not shown the purpose of our company (Mobile Application Expert)
  • Great that you keep the human character in the logo, but we think old human character might not appeal to younger generation. We also missing the purpose of our company shown by your design (Mobile Application Expert).
  • We really welcome your new design. On the other hand we are not sure if our new potential customers will recognize from this design the right purpose of our company. Could you explain your design little bit more?
  • hi CH Give feedback on design # 22. What has changed? Like what? that does not fit?
    • Hi, we love to see new ideas and new designs. Your previous designs are very similar and missing new look. We love to see more of your designer imagination. Please keep on your mind this logo could be seen in the future by millions of people worldwide who have the high demand for top quality in graphics. It will be great if you can go again through our updated Brief and come with a new superior design. Thank you for your great job.

  • Very interesting concept. Could you try to form apps into the star and make all apps inside more detailed (real apps icons. We would appreciate an expert character in the logo as well. Lastly, our slogan is not so visible. Otherwise great work!Thanks.
    • Thank you very much for the compliments and ill do my best to revised this. just one question can i use my character in the previous entry #15?

    • No problem, we would prefer more neutral age person...this character has too many teenege characteristics.

    • The extert should look more like a scientist.

  • Hi CH, Any feedbacks or opinions about entry #25? Regarding the Double "S" sorry for that.. ill just change it if there is any revisions will be made. Thank you for your Consideration.
  • Hi there, thank you for you effort last couple of days. We have few more requests to be implemented in our logo. 1. We are Experts in Selection of desired Mobile Applications. 2. The Expert character should be "neutral age" to cover our target market age group (15 - 60 years) 3. The Expert character doesn't have to be shown with a full body as the logos with a character standing above the company name looks too wide. 4. Please consider an option to move a character behind the name of the company (new logo "The Block All Star" attached in our Brief). Thank you for reading our updated specification in the contest Brief. We really appreciate everybody's effort to bring our logo to life!
  • Hi CH, This is the revision of my entry #41. Hope you like it.
    • Hi, not sure what happen your logo design disappeared, but I do have a comments anyway. The logo included all our requests from the Brief so that's why we rated so high. There was few more things to consider. Our business name should be more visible. Maybe could help to do not put too many Apps behind and some way do better highlight of the name. Another thing is, in our logo should not appear any other company logo, symbol or a design what could have the Trade Mark. Last note, the Expert could be more visible, as we are "The experts" in rating, testing and selecting of mobile apps. In the logo could even appear a star(s). Thank you for good job

    • That entry had to be removed, it has and includes copyrighted icons. A logo can not include copyrighted material. All logo work as to be original. You will not be able to copyright your new logo when it has all of those app icons, the copyright office will reject the design because of all the copyrighted material.

    • Can we get back the old ones without the apps icons from the same designer? I'm pretty sure there was nothing agaist the copyright in the previous ones. Thank you.