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Winning design #141 by DexMind176, Logo Design for Aquatics Company Logo Contest
Gold Medal


  • could you remove the shaddow from under the bowl? i think its nearly there ;)
  • Dear Ch, New entry. Hope you like it. Thanks.
  • can we have logo next to text and a marine fish?
  • really like this, any chance of changing the fish like in other requests? these are looking good!
  • try having logo next to the text and having fish with soe fins? looks very rounded... could do with more colour to.
  • ok this is awesome... any chance of a larger bowl and have a clown fish or banghai cardinal in it, plus remove shaddow under the bowl? :)
  • im afraid this looks like a logo to go fishing to me? not sure on the brightness of the orange to.
  • could you also provide this with a deeper colour that woud get noticed from distance?
  • please take note as with your other entry, again like this!
  • prefer your other entry with the ideas ive given you.
  • i do like this but it needs alot more work compared to the other entries.. sorry
  • Dear Ch, My new concept #37. Thanks.
  • prefer the other
  • any chance of getting the bottom of q to be a clown fish?
  • i really like this, any chance of bringing the text inline and removing the bigger circle?
  • would like it to be more fish based
  • any chance of bringing the logo down next to the writing?
  • can you try with a couple of different marine fish? like this one!
  • like this but prefer your other entry
  • any chance of bringing this in to a single line logo with name next to it rather than logo above?