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Winning design #86 by KOKONGlogo, Logo Design for Archbold Chiropractic Center Contest
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designed by KOKONGlogo

Project description

The Archbold Chiropractic center is a long standing upper cervical chiropractic clinic that is looking for a new look. We would NOT like to see designs with spines in them because we feel that is too cliche for chiropractic logos. Upper cervical chiropractic is a very specific form of chiropractic that focuses specifically on the upper 2 neck bones. Here is our mission statement: Archbold Chiropractic center provides effective gentle and caring patient centered upper cervical chiropractic care. This care removes nerve interference that is stopping the body from functioning properly removing this interference allows people to express and enjoy a fullness of life. After looking at some of the early submissions we think we like the idea of a graphic that looks good with the business name but can also be used alone in certain occasions. Also we are really liking a color scheme that has blue in it. We are looking for something truly unique, we are not so concerned about it fitting the Chiropractic field (including spines or body parts, or even the natural feel that noramlly ends up on our logos) as we are concerned about it fitting the office and being something that will be remembered by the clients here. I put in a image file of the Chiropractic symbol that might be a nice touch to throw into the logo somehow. Originally we were planning on doing something with the initials ACC in it but we have since learned that there are other companies in the area that are using those initials so we are looking at going more to a graphic with the whole business name written out with it.

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  • Hello! I have submitted entry #18 for any feedback you may have. Suggestions on how to make it more suited to your needs would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
    • I would like to see it have a little more of a picture along with the business name, I liked how you put in the ACC in a different color bring out the ACC we talked about. Maybe try putting together a different type of picture to go along with it. Don't limit yourself to a person or a body outline.

  • Hello! I've just submitted logo #21, I would really appreciate any suggestions as to what I might do to improve my design. Please let me know if my choice of colors is right. Looking forwards to receiving your feedback. Thank you!
    • The colors that you used in this were fine, it was a little hard to see the words "chiropractic center" and the graphic made it feel more like a womans heal center or a cardiologist for us.

  • Could you put something together with that same graffic but that has the ACC instead of the full name written out?
    • Thank you I like the ACC you put in but I don't like the way that it seems to loose its look when you put it into straight black and white instead of a greyscale.

  • could you take the chiropractic out and put Archbold Chiropractic center in somewhere either below or beside?
  • Hello CH, is there something you would like to change in my designs? Best regards
    • On entry number #14 could you change the ACC back to the font that you had on entry #1 and show us how that looks. Also we would like to see some more designs with some different graphics if you have some other ideas. We like what you have put together so far but we just don't love them yet.

    • Thank you for your feedback. I made correction so please check #28 I will try to make something new!

  • Can you take the word chiropractic off of this and resubmit it. Also if you could put Archbold Chiropractic Center under it as kind of a subtitle i would like to see how that would look. Thank you
  • It appears that the designer of #6 doesn't want to help work on his design if anyone else would like to put something similar together we would like to explore that idea a little, We like the little symbol that is in the "A" it is the universal symbol for chiropractic much like the medical Caduceus. I put one as a suggestion image in my Brief. Thank you
  • This looks great, could you possibly put the little guy in the A at the beginning of Archbold Chiropractic center and loose the ACC part of it?
  • Thank you everyone for all of you submissions up to this point, we just found out that there are a couple of other companies in the area that use ACC in the marketing occasionally so we have decided that we should start to look for logos without the ACC as well. Please if you have put together a graphic and put it with and ACC please just take that graphic and put it with Archbold Chiropractic Center written out and we will see how it looks, Thank you all
  • SzH
    Dear CH, I submitted design #43. I hope you like it. If you have any suggestions, please let me know. Best regards, SzH
  • What is the image supposed to be?
    • Hi drjmerrill, thanks for the response. I thought you might not pick up on the symbol as it is a little abstract ..... I took your brief into account here when I visualised this of the upper 2 neck bones and came up with the internal anatomy of the neck :) ....., very much away from the other design submissions, but you have to have variety as it gives you options ...... if you like, I can jazz it up a bit if the rest of the design suits your needs. respond please. regards - bp

    • I like that you are trying something very different why don't you try to jazz it up a bit. we will see how it turns out. Also you spelt Archbold wrong

  • I like the look of #32 better but thank you for trying the ACC
  • I really like the direction you are going with this, can you play with the font a little maybe give it a different look, also when I look at the figure in the A it looks like an eye to me could you bring what would be the arms of the guy straight out or something to make it look less eye-ish?
  • please check #39. thanks - blocpuzz (please message me with your thoughts) thanks - bp
  • Hello, I just submitted #54 and would like feedback thank you!
  • could we play with the colors a little and get somemore contrast between the A and the little guy? And can you make the Chiropractic Center a little bit bigger?
  • Can you make the A and the guy in it bigger in this one? Also could you try to put one together where the guy is more like the original one that we posted on our brief? We would just like to see how it looks compared to the one you have been working with. We really like what you have put together so far
    • Okey sir i will do it and i will submit all all your request revisions tommorrow because its past midnigt her in our place..thank you so much for the feedback..

  • your entry is using the unique idea/concept of entry 1
  • your entry is using the unique idea/concept of entry 1 with the tree