Designer perfectly understood our brief requirements and worked in a very professional way. Our winner logo is just perfect and is exactly what our company was looking for! We will definitely continue working with this amazing platform in our future projects. Many thanks!

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Winning design #718 by jww, Logo Design for Arrsal Contest
Gold Medal

designed by jww

Project description

Arrsal is a company based in Costa Rica, Central America, dedicated to the import and distribution of exclusive spanish wines and gourmet products. The company was founded in 2010 with the mission of offering high-level products at an affordable price.

The name Arrsal comes from the combination of the two partners last name, Arrea and Salto. Originally the company was called “Importadora de Vinos y Quesos (IVQ) Arrsal” (Wine and Cheese Import). As part of the brand redesign, the name has changed to:


Vinos y Productos Gourmet

(Wines and Gourmet Products)

The business idea arises from the love and interest for wine and gourmet products, as well as the founder’s connection to Spain. The company has partnerships with producers in Spain that share many of Arrsal’s values, such as quality and care for details. The products are made in internationally recognized areas in Spain.

The Arrsal brand should be in harmony with the image of the excellent products it represents. It should reflect elegance, exclusivity, quality and commitment. Here are some examples of the suppliers:

Arrsal’s business and customer service is defined by values such as flexibility, efficiency and innovation. The company is also known for providing advice based in a high-level knowledge about spanish wines and gourmet products.

The ideal customer is 30+ years, with a high-level of education, a good income and also with knowledge in wines and gourmet products. They are looking for high quality and prestigious products.

The vision of the company is to be one of the most important importers and distributors of wines and gourmet products in Costa Rica. The company needs a brand redesign to be better prepared for upcoming challenges and growth, including a web shop platform.

We prefer a elegant and classic style logo, using flat and clean design, that can be easily adapted to different channels of communication. 

We are open to every color ideas.

Thanks for your interest and happy and creative designing!

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  • Hello designers! Thank you for all the great designs. We having a hard time choosing the perfect logo for Arrsal. We are going to extend the contest for one week and make the following changes to the brief:

    1) We found out that there is a company which logo contains “AS”, so please don’t use it in the logo.

    2) Please concentrate on the word “Arrsal”, we are looking for a perfect memorable typography. If you use another graphic elements, they should not be dominant. You can also highlight the “A” and maybe the “S” in the name itself.

    We will update the rating according this specifications.

    Thank you all for your efforts and happy designing!
    • @jstonyte please check my last 3 design, how my design. Sir? Thank you :) #778 #779 #780

  • How about my design? any feedback?

    Thanks #684
    • @mawar Hi, thanks for your design but this logo seems a little bit too playful for our company.

  • So is this one. Do you like this? #710
  • It is the design of my new creations #708
    • @navlife72 Thank you, please try use the symbol less dominant.

  • how about my designs ? #667
  • I change the grape. Check please #644
    • @mawar Thank you! Your logo looks really good, bur actually we would like the word "Arrsal" be more dominant and not a symbol or letter "A". Please check my updated brief. Thanks :)

  • About #580, @AlexSan87 Hi, thank you for your effort on this contest. We like this logo because of its simplicity and clear forms. The symbol you use on the top of the logo looks like a little bit like maple leaf, could you try to replace it with a form of leaf of grape vine tree, maybe in combination with grapes etc. But please keep it very simple and try not to use many small details. Thanks!
    • About #580, @jstonyte the colores are not really importante at this moment for us, but you can keep using this kind of blue or shades of red vine colores. Thank you!

  • how about this,regar #629
    • @mahrul hello! thank you, your logo looks profesional, but doesn‘t really fit for our business area. Check out our brief and try to create a log with a interesting typography. Good luck :)

  • how about this,regards #635
  • ✌✌✌ #631
  • how about this,regards #628
  • , #627
  • ,how about this,regards #625
  • , #624
  • , #623
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