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The contest was great! There were plenty of designers and unique entries so many of them are able to design according to your specifications and I found that their ideas and creativity even improved my design. I ended up with a logo that was better than the basic idea I had imagined. And when I had questions about things I was able to message someone for a quick response or even chat live... sometimes someone was available outside of business hours, which is unheard of for live chatting. I am more than satisfied with the results and I may even use the designer to help me with business cards in the future, another option DC offers!!!

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Winning design #541 by victorious, Logo Design for Artistic Photography Company Needs Sleek & Simple Design Contest
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designed by victorious

Project description

I am looking for a logo that will show the name bphotographyRVA spelled out just like it is, with all lowercase letters except for RVA which should be CAPS. I want to keep it fairly simple... just a nice looking font or font combination is what I had in mind... if you can come up with a cool, clever photography-related design to sneak in there (maybe on the "b") that could be nice too but I definitely don't want it to be overdone. I would also like to be able to break off the "b" and use it by itself for advertising, so if you could show me how it looks by itself as well as written out that would be great! I have been picturing the logo being in black and white (and red) but if you think another color works well then feel free to go for it, just know I tend to lean towards b&w. You can view the links I posted in the organization description and also, maybe more importantly, check out a sister-startup company that Im working on at which has a logo as the profile picture that I did. I would post some similar photography logos that I like but I havent seen one close enough so hopefully somebody can envision what I see from what I have here :)


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  • The requested revision of #33. Less kerning on the letters. Change the color scheme to black and gray. I also added some depth on the circle. I chose black for simplicity and elegance. I hope this is what you like to see. Thanks
  • here i try with a simply nice and easily readable and easily recognized as "bphotographyRVA" i use a "b" silhouette with 3D depth, and could break separately as stand out logo and at the time... the inside of "b" looks like a lens... thanks...
  • Only one design per entry.
  • Only one design allowed per entry.
  • good day... thank you for the great feedback about my design... @ draft 48 letter b is good for watermark for your design.. thank you...
  • I like that blue and the grays and blacks but changing the colors didnt make me like the designs any more.... maybe another direction.... thanks for giving it a shot. thinner fonts might help i think, I seem to like those better. Thanks!
  • Cool design... I think it could stand to be just a bit less delicate somehow.... through colors maybe.... or slight font changes? I will say I dont think the "b" from this one would be recognizable on its on. I want people to be able to see that "b" by itself and know that its from me. Thanks for the submission, I would love to see some more work on it!
  • not really what im looking for... too much going on I think but thanks for using all the elements I mentioned!
  • I like this one a lot... what was your inspiration for the "b" icon.... I feel like Ive seen something similar to it somewhere before, which could be a good thing. I like that you embraced the social media look and feel. Im not crazy about the font for "RVA" but I think I like the rest of it, "photography" could maybe be in a different style too but I like that one pretty well.
  • I like your work... you have a pretty good grasp on what Im looking for... I would like to see this one with just a "b" in the circle and maybe more depth to the circle or not red... or something. And I think the rest of the lettering is too spaced out.... Im not sure exactly. But, you have something nice going on here so Id love to see some revisions. Thanks.
  • I actually really like the font you used for the bottom part, "bphotographyRVA" written out. But it took me a couple looks to realize it because I dont really care for the "b" icon. You followed all the directions and everything though and thanks for that, but maybe another direction with the icon part of it... Thanks!
  • Thanks for using the colors I suggested and the caps and everything but im not too crazy about the font style and actually the red is a little too vibrant here. The icon reminds me of Foot Joy, the golf company, so I dont really like that... I think I would prefer a stand alone "b" over an image but I appreciate your attempt and it being unique. Thanks.
  • I like the camera shape and the negative letters formed... maybe try it with just the "b" in the camera instead of "bp" and maybe it could fit along side the rest of the lettering, in from of "photographyRVA" I think I like the font for the "b" but maybe not for the rest of the lettering.... very cool though, Id love to see some revisions. Thanks.
  • Just a couple things for you guys to keep in mind as you work: 1. I dont really I want to have "bp" as the stand alone part of the logo... it reminds me of the oil company. Im open to "bpRVA" maybe, if you are leaning in that direction, but in my head, im picturing it as just "b" alone. 2. Feel free to use more colors if you think they will look better.... I am seeing a lot of black and red which is great since thats what I suggested but I just want to let you know not to limit yourself to those colors.... several of the black and red versions are coming across video game-like to me.... so dont necessarily stay away from black/red but dont limit yourself to those colors either... be creative and let me see what you guys like :) Thanks for all of the work so far, I have seen a bunch of great ones, even some of the ones that arent what Im looking for have really nice aspects.
  • Not really what im looking for... you followed the guidelines and everything its just not speaking to me.... Id love to see some more attempts though. Thanks.
  • This is one of the coolest, more unique designs that I have seen but remember that I want a lowercase "b" and "photography" should be all lowercase as well.... I would like to see it with those changes... Thanks :)
  • I like the b and p together like this around the lens, but they are too spherical looking... it makes them look more techie or sci-fi and less artistic, which is more of what im going for. I dont really like the color in the lens or the fonts but I do like the idea you have here... I was wondering if someone would try that... so thanks for trying, lets see if we can improve it a little. :)
  • I do still like the "photography" part of it but the "RVA" im not too crazy about... I did like having the border around the "b" in some fashion so maybe trying some other way of doing that... if you can find a way to do it, great... if you figure something else out that you think is even better then you can let me see that too... Thanks! :)
  • Im not too crazy about this one either... its making me think we should just take it in another direction... thanks for the attempt and being so attentive.
  • I like the blue that you used here, but honestly, thats about it. Sorry... hope to see some more efforts though :)