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Winning design #118 by josephope, Logo Design for ARTS CENTER-Music,Theatre,Yoga, Dance, Art School Contest
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designed by josephope

Project description

UPDATE: At this point, we are especially interested in seeing more designs with 2 hands applauding plus 4 sets of different colored hands (subtly) behind the initial set of hands. If you can incorporate "applause" into your logo desgin, we be interested to see it! Also, please submit designs that are less "flower -like". We are getting a lot of those! GENERAL BRIEF: We are in need of a logo to represent the official launch of our expanded brand. The new company name is Village Center for the Arts. It is currently known as, and began as, Village Music School. The company is now expanding into Theatre, Yoga, Dance and Art education. To illustrate our expanded palette of class offerings, we'd like to see an image of a brush stroke that starts with 5 colors eventually blending into one- this should be incorporated into the logo somehow and it can take any shape or structure, the colors should be clearly distinguishable. The single color at the end of the stroke represents the experience at Village, regardless of the discipline: a fun, rewarding, meaningful creative learning experience. Also in the logo should be our company name: Village Center for the Arts- in a "clean" font. We'd like to see clean, refined, creative submissions That will speak to parents, school leaders and the children themselves! We want to see a variety of ideas, so feel free to be creative (while adhering to the above requirements) and do what you do best!

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  • dear contest holder, please make it a blind contest to enhance creativity. Thank you
  • Hi Contest holder I have uploaded tow entry #7 and #8.kindly share your feedback or changes for the same.
  • Dear contest holder, Would like feedback about my entry #6 . Any color/font or design changes you have in mind would be greatly appreciated :)
  • Hello all, thank you for your submissions so far! We will be reviewing today and I will get you all some feedback shortly. Also, just to be clear we are not a non-profit center. Someone included that in their design, so it should be taken out! Thanks again for all of your work so far!! -Village
  • Hello Contest Holder, Please review my new designs: #25, #26, #27, #28, #29. Tell me how do you like it. Thanks & Regards, Premiumlogo
  • Hi Contest Holder, Have a look on my new design #23,Kindly share your feedback thanks!
  • Thanks for this! Can you try to do a version with applauding hands, rather than the fingerprint? we like the fingerprint, but want to see if someone can get the applauding hands just right. Thanks again!
  • this looks great! could you try to simplify this image a bit so it transfers easily? Also, try to incorporate a yoga image and perhaps a curtain or theatre masks. Thanks!!
  • Hi, we want to see less"flower like designs. I really like this color scheme. could you make the "center for the arts" coloring black instead of grey, and see if you can adjust the shape of the overall image (maybe an oval or cylinder)or the color panels around the "sun" to look less like a flower shape? thanks again!!
  • could you try a version of this with 5 different sets of colored hands applauding? or just one set of hands applauding? Thanks!
  • can you try a version that has 2 hands applauding? keep the colors in the design! thank you!!
  • Could you all try to incorporate images that feel more connected to the arts? Example, music note/guitar/keyboard/microphone/stage/theatre masks, paint brush, etc... Try to do something FUN with these images, it is easy for them to come off "cheesy". We want it to look modern and youthful but keep it as clean as possible!
  • Love this font and love the energy. I think the buildings are too "literally the village". can you keep the concept here but include different imagery? here's an example: a cool music note or guitar/keyboard/microphone, a yoga image (tree pose), and a p[paintbrush- all on a stage (that feels "open") or all in a line...
  • Hi Contest Holder I have uploaded updated design #72 as per your feedback, Thanks!
  • Hi Contest Holder I have uploaded updated design #71 as per your feedback, Thanks!
  • Hello, could you please try a version of this with the hands removed? i like this design, but i think the hands takes it a bit too far... just the colorful brushstrokes are enough!
  • One more comment for the group: our tagline is "a friendly place for learning". We do not want the tagline in the logo, but you should keep in mind, while you are working on your designs, that one of our goals is to create and maintain a friendly place for learning for all of our students. Thanks again for all of your work, the submissions are looking great!
  • Hello Contest Holder, With reference to design #26, #25, & #29, please review my revised designs uploaded: #48, #49, #50, #51, #52, #53, #54 and #55. Kindly tell me how do you like it. Thanks & Regards, Premiumlogo
  • i'm not sure if you got my last message (it may have gotten away form me), but please stretch the "center for the arts" line all the way across the length of the word "Village" and remove the line. please clean it up like in design #26- that particular design has the clean feeling we are looking for. i think this concept is great! please try to make the adjustment so i can present it in round 2. thank you!!
  • hello, we enjoy your design and have a few comments. we hope that you can make a few adjustments before the contest ends! we like how clean this looks, however the image is a bit "elementary" in demographic. the versatility of the houses is great too. try to find an image that feels a bit more sophisticated, but keep the warmth in your design. thank you!