My experience with DesignContest is nothing but positive. Prior to starting the contest I chatted with oen of the staff via the Livechat on the website, and I was amazed on how helpful and pleasant they were to deal with. That was the dealbreaker that made me start a competition, and it was so much fun. I enjoyed it and was constantly checking for new submissions; which there always was. I was reassuring that the majority of the submissions were very professional, and there was no doubt in my mindthat I had done the right thing by starting my logo competition.

$275 paid

103 custom designs

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Winning design #30 by Asiral, Logo Design for Artthou Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Asiral

Project description

Uniting and connection people around the world with more than ordinary fair-trade art. 

A online website selling products from artisits; functions, look and feel very similar as
Making art mainstream, global, and less intimidating to the average Joe in addition to support artist with lower fees than a gallery. 
Making original art accessible around the globe.

The background for the business is the experiences of me and my partner being an artist , and the art industry is so excluding and secluded. To get into the inner circle is impossible, and if you get a "lucky" break, the gallery takes MINIMUM 50% of the asking price. I am creating a website very similar to Etsy which will be a platform for all artist to showcase and being able to sell their work around the globe. Galleries have too much control! Also every home should have the privelige of owning an original art piece that suits your personality. Many buy a poster from IKEA that's not original an not beautiful in any way. My platform will not exclude any artists (high priced, nor low priced), neither will we exclude any buyers (average Joe, to the expert looking for the next big thing). We will be revolutionary within the art industry and bring art to the people. Art for anyone and everyones liking.

I want a logo thats simple and suistainable. It's important for me that it's friendly and not using art symbols such as brush strokes in a obvious way

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