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Winning design #36 by Sutarno, Logo Design for Corp Logo Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Sutarno

Project description

I need a logo for a firm focused on data analytics and insight generation.  We are focused on making firms smarter and faster.  Potential taglines considered are "an insight factory" and "get smarter, faster".

Design Thoughts: If we're going with "lab symbolism", was thinking more brain/lightbulb visuals vs. beaker/microscope as we're not executing in a physical lab.

Correction: It's "Asao Laboratories" (not laboritories).  Also - will likely use the shortened version "Asao Labs" (or asao labs)

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  • jww
    Hi, Thank you for looking at my designs, any feedback would be great. Many thanks JWW #66
  • CH,
    Is there any feedback for my design of #57 & #58 before ended, please ?

  • I look forward to feedback #44

  • I look forward to feedback #43
  • if there are criticisms and suggestions please love feedback #35
    • @centor Would probably like a more stylized "brain". Also, prefer "Labs" vs. Laboratories. You're the first to fit the brain into it!

    • @jay3 thanks for the feedback

  • This is really interesting. It took me a few seconds to "see it" properly. Would love to see a couple of potential changes:

    1. Can we pluralize "Labs"?
    2. I would like to see some other color schemes that you think might work. The yellowish, gray seem a bit out of place.

    This is a very unique and interesting design. #38
  • Hello Jay3, What do you think? Nothing I need to change? thank you very much for the feedback #27
    • @Sutarno I appreciate the variations. I definitely like the sans-serif fonts better. Really appreciate the upper, lower cases and the black/white versions.

  • I like this one, not sure what the image represents... otherwise a nice clean logo. #3
    • Thank You @jay3. It is glad You like it.

      The idea is turning a line chart into "A" that is for Asao Labs.
      I hope You like other version I've submitted better.

  • wondering about the ideas behind the imaging. I'm looking at it as "puzzle pieces" which fits pretty well with the core idea. Might like a less-serify font on it. #13
  • #22 feedback please, thank you!
    • @Myan - thanks for submitting. It's a good look and i appreciate the lightbulb (you're the first to use that symbol in any way) - but it just doesn't look much like an "o" as the bottom is so prevalent.

    • @jay3 thank you, i'll change it. I'm wondering if you rather like just a symbol and text or symbol combined with text (something like this) ?

    • @Myan I'm thinking "symbol and text" I can't see your proposed image, but I'm absolutely open :-)

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  • i hope you like it #1