Assiniboine Park Hockey Association team logo

Fantastic process, would recommend this to any sports organization looking for help with a new logo or identity. Thanks Javier, amazing design that everyone in our organization loves!

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Winning design #29 by gitanapolis, Logo Design for Assiniboine Park Hockey Association team logo Contest
Gold Medal

designed by gitanapolis

Project description

The Assiniboine Park Hockey Association (APHA) is looking to move all of its boys minor hockey teams (ages 8- 17) under one brand & logo. The APHA board has considered a great many names but has settled on the name Winter Hawks as the new brand. We are now in need of a logo design.

Submissions are directed to incorporate the following;

1)      A logo that is compatible with a red, white, & navy blue jersey color scheme.

2)      A logo that does not draw upon the inclusion of stereotypical aboriginal headdress

3)      A logo that incorporates a hawk or stylized hawk (bird)

4)      A logo that incorporates a winter, snow, storm theme or somehow incorporates that element into the hawk

5)      The logo design may go beyond the boundaries of a traditional logo to encompass the whole hockey jersey but in this case must include a consistent simple thumbnail which could be used as a logo on associated merchandise the APHA wishes to offer its members (i.e. ball caps, t-shirts, etc.) 

6)      Designs are to be family friendly and appealing to a largely young boy constituency.

7)      The words “Winter Hawks” must appear in the design.

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  • Hawk in the shape of a "W" with snowflake behind. Logo could be used as and icon or with the symmetrical text. #62
  • My new concept. And I try to put our logo on jersey and hat.
    I hope you like it.
    Thanks. #60
  • Uploading a updated version of previous submission. I had tried to keep it as simple as possible so it can used for any application -printing, embroidery or Hope you will consider it, also please let me know if you need modifications in the design, thanks. #58
  • Hi submitting a design proposition for you. Looking forward to your feedback, thanks.
  • Hello again CH @pckrest ! Thanks for rating on my previous design. Here is a new concept for the team and this looks much more better and professional than my previous design. I guess this logo will suit the team well. Waiting for your valuable feedback on this one CH. Ready to do any revisions if required.

    3B DESIGNS #55
  • Any modifications are possible, please feedback so I can improve my skills :) #53
  • Thanks for your feedbacks, and here my revisions. #48
  • This angry bird on your original submission would look very good. #47
  • I won't stop trying
    because I'm insist to win this contest
    so help me to design what you want #41
  • Please give me some feed backs.
    Thanks. #37
  • This is modifications based on design #7. Just as your request, i put more colors into the design, and used the texts effect like design #32 #34
  • This is modifications based on design #8. Just as your request, i put more colors into the design, and used the texts effect like design #32. #33
  • Hi, i made some modifications bases on design #12.
    - the character's proportion, mouth, and eye to make it looks more muscular, fierce, and cool.
    - effect on texts to make it looks like storm wind
    - more dynamic background. It adjust the texts effect. part storm - part wing shape.
    - slightly adjust color tone.

    I imagine the character fly (or skate) and bring the storm with it. :)
    Hope you like it. Let me know if you want any changes, i'll be happy to help.
    Cheers. #32
  • About #17, CH @pckrest, Do give me your feedback/suggestions/opinion of my design
  • LOGO #30
  • LOGO #29
  • LOGO #28
  • The name needs to be updated, it's Winter Hawks. #19
  • This one is very good, don't think you need to change anything.
    • @pckrest do you lean that I have to change something? If yes Please tell me what is it Thank u for your comments and thanks for ur time Best regards

    • @pckrest maybe I'll change Hawks style I think It'll be better

  • This is a very good logo, it just needs some blue somewhere in the logo to go with the white & red. The name is Winter Hawks.