Atala Physical Therapy

Not only did we obtain an awesome logo, we had a great time being involved. Our final design by jctoledo looks amazing and can’t wait to implement it. We received many different and varying submittals and enjoyed corresponding with designers to get the product we had envisioned. Thanks to and especially jctoledo!


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Winning design #71 by jctoledo, Logo Design for Atala Physical Therapy Contest
Gold Medal

designed by jctoledo

Project description

Updated Clinic logo New slogan "Reach your highest peak" Atala gets its name from a Native American language and means "mountain" or "peak". It represents the heights we will go to serve our patients and where we want our patients to reach in their performance. We have used mountains in our old logo, but never explained why. Out-patient, orthopedic physical therapy clinic. Manual, hands-on care with high quality, patient-oriented service. Treat all kinds of injuries; patient age range 25-65.

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  • Thanks for the feedback on my work #3 Like you suggested, I have made some studies incorporating a mountain or a peak on the design. #15 #16 #17 #18 Further comments are welcome. Regards; Jctoledo
  • dear CH here is my new design #14.. waiting for any feedback. Hope you like it.. Thanks. MKH017
  • Too strong, want more subtle design.
  • Like that the slogan was incorporated. Don't like the font and don't understand the graphic.
  • Like that the slogan was incorporated. Don't like the font and don't understand the graphic.
  • Same feedback; like modern feel; expand on mountians or peaks graphically.
  • Like the clean look; please incorporate your impression of mountians or peak.
  • Dear CH please ignore 26 and consider #27 thank you.
  • Dear CH I have submit #24, feedback would be greatly appreciated Cheers Tatenda
  • We like this color combination, and like the font used for script. We are now thinking the Physical Therapy in the reverse box might be hard to read. Would you try the Physical Therapy like design #18, but with a thin line above and below.
  • The blue name and the blue mountains blend too much and red Physical Therapy becomes too dominent in this color scheme. Same comment on mountains too realistic and conservative.
  • We like the fonts; the mountains are too conservative/serious. Thanks for the different color options.
  • Would you capitalize "Physical Therapy" and change the tag line font to italic? Thank you.
  • #42 New script font on the tagline. #43 Exploring other studies:) Thanks; Jctoledo
  • #36 revised design of #18. Thanks for your feedback. Will do several versions of a script font on the tagline. Kind Regards; Jctoledo
  • Can you change the "Physical Therapy" in a bar similar to design #15?
  • Our favorite so far. It contains all the components we need and they are represented in a modern style we like.
  • We like the Font choices and type layout; can you change the mountains to more graphic vs realistic.
  • Same comment as Design #17
  • Please add the tag line as shown in design #15. Do you see it in another script font?