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Winning design #237 by patoy12, Logo Design for Atlanta Water Group Contest
Gold Medal

designed by patoy12

Project description

Atlanta Water Group needs a new logo. Please preview the logo and new website in progress at The logo needs to have a water drop and be friendly. Blue color tones, maybe some green. The logo will be displayed in the middle of the top were the temporary is at. I have included a copy of the temporary logo. I want something new and refreshing. Also keep the AWG with the logo somehow. That way we can use the icon or the whole logo Please include a favicon with it. I need the files in PSD and AI Please make the PSD file vector so it is scalable. Any questions please ask. Please see the image here: please make a button like this with the favicon on it. but leave the favicon on separate layer with it.

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  • Hello, this is my first entrie #36 . Please let me know what you think. Regards
    • Yes, it does look clean, but we are looking for the AWG to be together combined with the water drop

    • Thanks for your devolution. Please check entrie #115 . Let me know what you think. Thanks

  • Well done on the site design so far - love it. With branding in mind, I thought this (#4) would work very well. Any suggestions or requests just let me know - I'd be happy to work with you -
    • Yes, it does look clean, but we are looking for the AWG to be together combined with the water drop

  • You have tried to sell already existing logo which is strictly forbidden, all designs must be 100% original your work!!
    • The water drop is a little busy, the cup concept is cool, but try again showing with the website

    • Hello, I jus uploaded an updated version #118 and I simplified the drop. Any comments are welcome.

    • Read the brief again, you are looking at the old site

    • ok, any comments about the logo? I just have 3 chances to upload designs. Thanks

  • Hello! This is my first entry #115. Please let me know your thoughts and revisions. Thanks!
  • Hi CH, I designed #70 for you. Your feedback would be appreciated. Thanks!
  • Hello Wdooley, I submited a #113 design. Please let me know what you think about it?
  • Dear CH, Please Check my first Entry for you contest #109 . Waiting for you kind Feedback about my entry. Thanks.
  • Hi wdooley~ I created a logo for your consideration that is clean and simple and features a water droplet with a letter A that incorporates a wave of water. The icon can be used as a separate element throughout your marketing. Hope you like the concept: #63 Kind regards, PaintedPony
    • Yes, it does look good, but we are looking for the AWG to be together combined with the water drop.

    • Hi there~ Thanks for the feedback. I revised to add AWG initials. See what you think about #105 Thanks, PaintedPony

  • Hi CH, just submitted my design #67, #68 and #71, any feedback from you would be great, hope you like it,
    • Sorry, but too many water drops, just needs one, and no boxing, it should look clean and not busy. Look at the brief and visit the site.

  • Dear CH, please take a look at my first design #60. Any feedback would be helpful. Kind Regards [JOBZ]
    • I think the W is too high in the middle

    • Thanks. I'll upload new designa with changes in the W. KIND REGARDS [JOBZ]

    • Please take a look at #193 #194. Any change that you want, please let me know. KIND REGARDS [JOBZ]

    • The middle line of the 'W' is still too long

  • Hello CH. I submited #164. please rate it if you like it
    • Sorry, to much black tones. Should be in blues

  • Hi my submission #162 is a little different than what you were looking for but I feel the subtle water drop effect on the G looks a little more professional than a full on drawing of a water drop. Also, I have the company's name right so that's a plus... Let me know any feed back or if you'd like to see different colors. thanks- ab
  • HI CH i submit my first entry #163 please feed back thanks
  • clipart is not allowed in logo contests
  • Hello wdooley ! I just submitted the new design proposal #146. I wanted to include the letters in the drop, so I used the A to distinguish the 2 colors. What do you think about it ? Thanks, Ludau
  • Hello! I want to present their work to use the drops #28 as the concept of shaking hands, as I understand group includes other units. Willing to listen to comments and continue on raboat, thanks.
  • Hello Wdooley - I have submitted my design #138, and #136 for the other colors. For the web preview you can see my design #137, and #131. It's simple, easy, and, fresh, hope u like it :) Best regards,
  • Hello there, I Just uploaded design #121. Thanks Andrea
  • Hello, I just submitted design #119. Let me know if you have any adjustments. Thank You.