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McQuilling Partners, Inc. is seeking a logo for a newly created web-based market intelligence platform called, ATLIS (A Transportation Logistics Information Solution), that will serve the global maritime transportation industry. 

This online software will be used by market participants to retrieve historical and current tanker freight rates, global tanker market voyages as well as vessel position information. 

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  • @alison_a_omelio Hello CH please see entry #145 thanks
  • Hello @alison_a_omelio:

    How about this new idea?

    Waitinf for your feedback.


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  • Hello @alison_a_omelio, please take a look at this new proposal.

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  • Logo Design.

    Hope you like it and please give me your positive feedback.

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  • please see this logo. #106
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    I welcome your comments and feedback #99
  • hope you like it #98
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  • this is my design , like this ?
  • ATLIS #75
  • Logo idea. Hope I'm on track. Good luck #74
  • Of course, if you like what I show
  • Would it be possible to include some imagery along w/ the text? Possibly a globe or oil tanker #13
    • @alison_a_omelio Please take a look at #50 #51 #52 #53 #54.

      Waiting for your feedback.



  • font & color change #42
  • Like the font; however, would it be possible incorporate a globe or vessel for the imagery? #39
  • Like this look - would like to incorporate some different colors - a navy blue perhaps? #35
  • Hi Herbert, thanks for your design. Would it be possible to alter the colors? Looking for a navy blue and grey combo. Also think a different font choice for ATLIS #40