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Winning design #54 by acid, Logo Design for Atmotek Contest
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designed by acid

Project description

Atmosphere Technologies Computer & Consumer Electronics & Parts online retailer

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  • I would advise everyone not to actually use Atmosphere technologies in the logo. I would like to see a very modern but techy looking logo. Use good color combinations.... I have notated where I feel the logos are at currently. Good Luck
  • Hi, Let me know your feedback for my design. that would be appreciated thank you.
  • one design only in a logo entry you show 3
  • Could you elaborate on the brief? I noticed it has been reduced down to just a bit of information. Initially it contained much more (if I remember correctly). Some color preferences would be great as well. Thanks!
  • change the font
    • no wonder you're brief is so limited. I like to meet you in person so you can call me a "fool"

  • somthing happened at the bottom of the logo with a swoosh
    • The swoosh means earth, so it relate to the name atmosphere, where the Atmotek text is. thanks

  • Amazon want their logo back
  • We like the symbol everything else needs to be rethought.... it needs to pop out at me and say hey look thats a cool company. Or like OMG its ATMO!
  • make it camo it might be better that way
  • change the color get rid of atmosphere technologies....
  • think again
  • Mika, I like this but I dont know why... change it and I might like it more.
  • font is great the thing next to it sucks
  • We like this show me a few different revisions please
  • CH, a quick google search shows that already is an ATMO-TEC electronics business.
    • thanks for your feedback.....

  • Hi sir I have just submitted my design and wants feedback on it . can you please rate entry #32
  • can you utilize a different font and can you provide me with different color options and also other blue color options? Regards, Travis
  • We really like your design is there any way you can change the lettering? make it similiar to some of the top rated designs. keep the AK type design though.
    • After I saw your last rating of it, I start looking at to see what can I do. We'll see. Thanks for the feedback.

  • I like this but there are a few letters such as the A & T that are hard for certain people to recognize
    • yes sir travis, ill make some changes on it now. thanks for the comment, and thank you for appreciating my design. ^_^

  • Can we try a few other colors besides blue? Green, Gray's, different shades of blue.... etc Regards, Travis
    • please have a look at #85 and post a feedback...thank you...