We reveived more than 800 designs in just 7 days. This is really incredible! A lot of designers brought in fresh ideas. Thanks to all for the big participation. Special thanks to the hard working designers which made many, many nice suggestions and revisions. Some of you didn't receive the price they deserved. But maybe we get in touch with you someday later.


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Winning design #861 by morabira , Logo Design for audioxio Contest
Gold Medal

designed by morabira

Project description

Audioxio is a platform where people can get free or licensed music for their podcasts or slide shows. Musicians can upload their tracks and share or sell them.

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  • WOW! 859 entries. I'm speechless. Thank you all for your big participation on this contest. I have my favourites now, but It is still a tough decision. I will wait at least until tommorrow and I will also ask the meaning of some friends before I chose the winners. Thank you!
  • another concept combination of sound wave and note sign. #867
  • Hi! I'm not sure about your brand values and promises to the customer, but I checked a bit on the market and competitors of your product. It led me to a thought that it will good to point on the opportunities for growth and self-realization that your service gives to all of its users. I visualised that value in adding face silhouette to the logo to make communication more clear on that point. I also added 'play' and 'record' button symbols to reflect the industry. Thank you in advance for checking on my work! #866
  • pls check #865
  • About #861, @morabira You nailed it :-) Changed it exactly as I wanted it. Could be read as "d" but that doesn't matter.
  • audioxio #864
  • variatios of previous logo, i hope you like it, thanks. #862
  • About #827, @morabira What do you mean by bow? If you mean the top of the "a" will make the music note not visible and it will be read as "d"....please advice
  • This is really nice. Can you remove the bow at the top of the symbol? #827
  • another concept with sound wave as a logo #855
    • @josepcm Nice, I like it

    • @axel Thank you so much for the feedback, i will upload more variations of it hope you like it.

  • Feedback always welcomed. Thanks! #852
  • Hello this is my entry for the contest, the concept of the logo is a singing parrot, i hope you like it. Thanks. #851
  • please check it #839
  • this design for you.please check it. #838
  • this design for you #836
  • this is for you.. #835
  • Hello sir,
    i hope you like this design Let me know you want to change text style or color i will do it for you with a short time ...
    thank you #828
  • Unique letter "a" with stylish musical note. #825
  • hello sir, please withdrawn my design. many thanks #822
  • Check my logo design sir #817