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Project description

Design three sub-brand logos as stand alone alternate brands for the same service offered in three different locations. We have a well established brand ( and would like to offer some market based alternatives for clients at the smaller end of the market.

Our business is the provision of audit services against International Standards (ISO).

The feel of the sub-brand logos must be attractive to small local business, clients are typically uneasy about being audited so we want them to feel we are approachable and not old school. At the same time the logos must convey professionalism formality, integrity and certification.

Use/incorporation of a tick into the logos is mandatory. The tick should be incorporated thoughtfully, so that it is a integral component of the design.

Each logo must reflect the region in which the service is being provided. (Western Australia - WA, Queensland - QLD and New Zealand - NZ). This could be through intelligent use of design elements, local features or characteristics of the regions, local plant or wildlife or any other means.

The three sub-brands are:
West Coast Certification (WA)
Queensland Certification (QLD)
Kiwi Certification (NZ)

We have attached an example of what we do like but caution that this brief requires the logos to be developed as corporate logos to promote the business not certification marks to identify something is certified.

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  • About #35, @AureN
    please try some design tweeks:
    see links below for our preferred representations / outline:

    1. Brolga

    2. Silver Fern
    • About #39, @wayne

      In case of victory I'll draw all the symbols more carefully.
      And I'll give you guidelines with usage rules, Pantone colors and so on.

      Also I don't need second place anyway. And I realy ask you not to select my designs on second or third place. Better don't select it generally. Thank you.

  • Changes done!. #83
  • I´ve tried something simple that represents each location. Thanks. #78
  • Feedback would be great. I tried to subtly add location differentiation by using national colors. WA-Gold, QLD-Maroon, and NZ-RedOchre #75
  • Hello . Three more suggestions.#71 #72 #73. Thanks.
    Best regards
  • no cliparts #67
  • Hello . I made small changes #50 #52#65 . Give me feedback please . Thanks.
    Best Regards
  • give me comment about my design. #58
  • kindly give me feedback. #57
  • done. #56
  • About #55 (Enhanced and Corrected Version)

    Sorry for the confusion, I uploaded the wrong landmarks earlier on entry #49, 53 and 54 but, this is the final and correct version of the sub brands:

    SKY TOWER - New Zealand (Kiwi)
    BRISBANE CITY HALL - Queensland
    BELL TOWER - Western Australia (West Coast)

    Hope you like it!
  • About #49

    Notable landmarks in their places:

    BRISBANE CITY HALL - Queensland
    BELL TOWER - Western Australia (West Coast)
    SKY TOWER - New Zealand (Kiwi)
  • I like this because its simple but hits the mark!

    Can you please play around with the and position to see if we can get this a little more resolved. thanks. #41
    • @wayne Of Course. I'll make the changes. thank you

  • keep working on this. maybe try the tick breaking out of the tag device through the righthand side.
    Can you also try a different treatment of the label... maybe a bit more contemporary and less like a seal/star. thanks. #40
  • Can you please continue to work on the tick, thanks. #45
  • I like your concept. Can you please use

    a swan for West Coast
    a brolga for Queensland
    a silver fern for Kiwi

    good examples of a brolga and silver fern can be seen @ the following links

    1. Brolga

    2. Silver Fern #42
  • Hi. Please feedback and rating #41. Thanks.
    Best Regards
  • About #31, @Sunchess
    hi as an alternate to #31 and #28 can you try some more for example?
  • @AureN @ Sunchess.
    Hope you got the message this time. Not sure what happened previous.
  • About #33, @AureN please try without the ticks and also no crown. Use silver fern for NZ and brolga for Queensland. Thanks